Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yes, the calendar says it's fall but in Arizona it still feels like summer. It is supposed to be 103 today. Saturday it is 'only' supposed to be 97. Yippee.

I love looking at all the fall-like things on other blogs. The fresh picked apples for applesauce. The changing leaves. The pumpkins. I have gotten out all my Halloween decor and will post some pictures soon. I have some fall things I still need to get out. Hopefully this will all get me in the fall mood. But I have to say it's just not the same making applesauce from the apples found at the grocery store. Come Saturday though, I just may do it to try and get in the 'mood'. That and a crock pot full of chili may do the trick.

My treadmill is calling me so I must run...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday night....

Oh yes, I am STILL beating that dead horse. I open my daughter's folder she brings home from school and I see a flyer saying that Monday (tomorrow) will be the start of the Fall PTA fundraiser. Nice that it coincides with the Girl Scout one. Let's just call it 'How to lose all your friends and family in 10 days'. I am loving the idea that Laurie says their school is doing this year for a fundraiser: a walkathon. Love it!! I will probably bring it up to the PTA president and see what she thinks. Let's end this craziness already!

It has been a good weekend but I am kind of glad it's Sunday night. I feel like I was fairly productive this weekend which is a change for me. I usually get most of my 'work' done during the week and take it easy on the weekends. My husband was gone most of the day Saturday putting faucets in at my parents house so when my daughter's friend went home on Saturday after the sleepover I did some things around here which I think will give me a head start on the week. Which is good since our fall break starts on Friday so I have a 'short' week. Report cards go home on Thursday and then the kids are off Friday and all next week. The only thing we really have planned for the break is a trip to the movies to see 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'. We have some other tentative things but it should be a stress free week (famous last words).

And from the 'Is it just me 'file: I took my daughter and her friend, L, to the park on Sat morning and L's parents picked her up there. While they were playing a white mini van pulls up and a little boy gets out and comes up to the park. The sliding van door is open and I assumed the mom was getting some littler ones out of the car to bring up to the park. 10 minutes go by and no mom, no babies. So I look closer at the van and see a dad sitting in the driver seat - just sitting- not looking like he was going anywhere. More time goes by, no dad, he is still in the van. So the little boy is up there playing with us the whole time while the lazy bum of a dad sits in the car. He was a sweet little boy and seemed really excited to be at the park and enjoyed playing with the girls. I am glad we were there. So I tell my sister this story and she is disgusted too but then says 'maybe the dad has some skin issue and can't be in the sun'. Okay, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt - maybe he isn't a bum. For the little boy's sake I hope he's not...

Friday, September 26, 2008


Yes, I just love to beat a dead horse. I was going through the fundraising stuff for my daughter's Daisy Scout troop and noticed that the items they are selling (nuts, chocolate, etc) will each net $1 for the troop. So, the cranberry nut medley (which looks yummy but I need like a hole in the head) costs $5 with $1 going to the troop. Now wouldn't it be better for the troop to get the whole $15 if I just wrote a check for $15 to them? Something to think about I guess. I considered getting the nuts for gifts but we just don't have a ton of gifts to get this year. When cookie time rolls around I know it will be a different deal. Oh, I need cookies like a hole in the head, too.

My daughter is being super sassy tonight. She didn't feel well last night so didn't sleep great and then was up at about 5:30. I think she is tired but it doesn't make it any better. Her friend L is spending the night and up until a few minutes ago she was being a crab to her, too. Lovely. They are playing nicely now - of course since it's only 40 minutes until bed time.

My daughter has a birthday party tomorrow for a school friend. I picked up something today for her when I went to Walmart (my first trip there in about 6 weeks) and of course my daughter 'has' to have it. Happens every birthday. I think I need to take her on a retreat to de-program her from all of this commercialism.

I have noticed some blogs today talking about this economic 'crisis'. I am glad people are talking about it. I have VERY strong feelings about what is going on and am not for a bailout at all but it seems like that is where we are headed. There are so many questions - the little nitty gritty especially. I am glad to see that JP Morgan Chase is buying some of WAMU's assets, Wachovia is in talks w/ several banks, Berkshire Hathaway pumping billions into Goldman Sachs. That's the way capitalism is supposed to work. (my opinion)

Well, I need to go check on 2 little girls. It's kind of quiet right now...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

This and That...

Tonight I made meatloaf for dinner. We were all dying for something different, something 'fall-like'. It is just too hot in the summer to cook in the oven so we do alot of grilling. Yummy as it is sometimes you just need some 'comfort food'. Now it was about 106 today but it is officially fall so I made meatloaf. It was yum-o and I think my family really enjoyed it. I have a super quick and easy 'recipe' - about 1 1/2 lbs ground beef, one pack of onion soup mix and one egg. That's it. Easy peasy. I also made sweet potatoes (one sweet potato in the microwave for about 6 min, remove skin, mash with butter and brown sugar) and mashed (Idohoan package - too much sodium but oh so quick and yummy). Two potatoes you ask? Isn't that too much starch? Why yes it is but Little Miss doesn't like white potatoes (yea!) and my husband won't eat sweet potatoes unless they are adorned with marshmallows. We also had steamed broccoli.

Tomorrow Little Miss is having her friend sleep over for the first time. She is so excited. Tonight she printed out a bunch of printables from the Disney website for the two of them to do. She printed 2 of everything. I am going to pick up a pizza from Nick and Willy's to bake at home. Last year our hockey team sold these buy one get one free cards from there as a fundraiser so I will use that. Then I thought I would let them decorate some Halloween cookies and watch the new Barbie Diamond Castle movie. I thought about a craft but they only have a few hours - they both go to bed pretty early and I think by 8:30 they will be done.

Why does anyone think it is okay to come over to my house at 5:22 pm on a school night without calling (well, she did call as she was driving down the driveway)?? I was right in the middle of getting dinner ready - had just taken the meatloaf out in fact. It was a hockey mom bringing 10 bags of hockey equipment for our rink which is so greatly appreciated but my husband was out there for about 15-20 minutes getting everything and chatting. Thank goodness the gravy masked the fact that some of the food was getting a little cold. :) I know I am a little rigid and know that most people aren't that way and that most people don't eat dinner as early as we do but still....

My daughter informed me today that Saturday is the Nick 'World wide day of play'. I asked what that meant (not sure that I really wanted to know) and she said 'oh that means Nick is off- no shows' - Hallelujah!! Check out the website for more information.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall TV...

I am so excited to see the Fall TV season finally start. Last night I planted myself in front of the TV to watch the new CBS sitcoms. Good thing Little Miss goes to be early. I really love 'The Big Bang Theory'. You could probably hear me laughing from across the country. When it started last year I wasn't totally thrilled with it but after the 3rd episode or so it just clicked. 'How I Met Your Mother' & 'Two and a half Men' were funny as always. 'Worst Week' was the worst show - perfect name. It looked silly on the commercials but the show was even worse. Thankfully it follows 'Two and a half Men' - that may be it's saving grace. Or maybe next week it will be better. We'll see. I am looking forward to 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' - another show I LOVE. My husband doesn't like it as much but watches along with me. Oh, another new show is 'Gary Unmarried' which looks like it won't be great but I love Jay Mohr so I will give it a whirl. I am much more into sitcoms than dramas but I do like a good murder mystery every now and then on 'CSI'. And you can't help but watch 'NCIS' even if it's just to see Mark Harmon...

Monday, September 22, 2008

If it touches your skin...

it shouldn't be made out of polyester.

Love that. It was the page on my calendar today for Sept. 22. (Life's Little Instruction Calendar Volume XIII).

My husband and I went to Vegas over the weekend. We went to see Donny & Marie for my birthday. He was a little less than thrilled but ended up having a great time (of course). We had great seats and at one point Donny and Marie came out into the audience, each taking a side of the showroom. Marie took our side (my luck!) and came over to our table. She looked at my husband and his bald head, smiled and started rubbing it - THEN gave him a big kiss on it. After the show he said 'I wonder if there is lipstick on my head?" And sure enough, there it was - Marie Osmond's lipstick on my husband's head.
Of course I took a picture and there it is - a little hard to see but if you look closely you can make it out.
The show was really good. They are quite the entertainers. They did a little of their old stuff (Paper Roses, Puppy Love, etc) but it was mostly other songs you know - originally done by others- but D&M did it with a twist. They had some dancers who were great and a great band.
The place was packed with women in their 40's & 50's - some dragged the husbands, some didn't. When Donny did his part the ladies were going crazy (myself included). He sang 'Puppy Love' and when he got to the part where he says 'someone help me, help me, help me please' he said that when he first released the song and he sang this part the girls would go crazy - and right on cue we all did. So he says - 'Yeah, I've still got it' - UMMM - YEAH....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Open House...

Last night there was an open house at my daughter's school. I haven't been in her classroom much so it was nice to go in and see what was going on. My husband has only been there once before school started so he really enjoyed seeing what they have been up to. The open house was from 6:30-8 which coincided with Christmas play practice which was from 6-7:30. So we rushed over to school after practice (it's only about 5 minutes but in a rush is seems longer). We got there at about 7:40 and as it turns out it was perfect timing as we were the only ones there. We had plenty of time to talk to the teacher which is hard to do when 5 other parents are clamoring for their attention. It was a really nice (short) evening.

I am now on the 'Site Based Council' at our school. This council meets about once a month and discusses how $ should be spent. Right up my alley!! The money involved is called 'tax credit' money. In AZ you can donate $400 (married filing jointly) or $250 (single) each year to a public school of your choice. The donation is a credit right off the bottom line of our state taxes. The money needs to be used for extra curricular activities and each school decides how to spend it. I am looking forward to getting involved in this. If you have read this blog for any time you know I complain alot about the schools and now I hope this will open my eyes a bit as to the workings of our school district.

Wow, ALL this news about the economy is really interesting and scary too. I know this storm will pass and hope the country will be better off after it's over. That being said and not wanting to have any sort of political debate, I am a little concerned that the government is 'bailing' out so many companies. Freddie and Fannie are one thing but they sure set a bad precedent when they got involved with Bear Stearns. But then you saw all those poor people leaving Lehman on Monday with all their work stuff not knowing what they would do next. I know there is probably not a 'right' thing to do which makes it so difficult. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

I was watching a local show this morning and they did a segment on stay at home dads. It was really touching. The dad they profiled was so neat - loves his girls, supports his wife - & happy with his decision. It is so nice to see that. They showed one of the girls' rooms and there was a sign on the wall that said:

My prince did come - his name is daddy.
How SWEET is that?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tuesday's work...

These are the cards I made on Tuesday. I like the crab one for Christmas. I like to use non-traditional colors sometimes and thought this looked cute.

This card I made for my daughter's friend who is having her birthday party next weekend. I thought the colors looked really girly. Of course, Little Miss likes the crab card better so I will do one next week for a birthday using the same colors, switching out the Santa hat for a birthday hat. I'll save the pink one for another time.

So, I think I am off to a good start for the Christmas cards and gifts. I won't make all my Christmas cards as I bought some last year at 75% off so I want to use those. I will make the extras though. I have to work on my Christmas list and figure out what needs to be made- probably not a whole lot so it should be pretty easy going. I have to got through my 'gift box' too to see what is in there. I am always surprised to find more than I thought I had. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hockey anyone?

My cousin emailed me a bunch of political pics the other day and I loved this one. We are big hockey fans (by 'we' I really mean my husband but after 10 years I haved learned to go with the flow and enjoy it all winter- some of fall and spring, too) The movie "Miracle" was a great movie, hockey lover or not. So I love this portrayal of Sarah Palin with it's hockey/miracle theme. That being said, I am ready for these candidates to get on with the issues already.

I just read Laurie's post about being crazy busy. I think we all must be feeling that way now. Maybe it's the start of school and all that goes with it (homework, schedules, fundraising- already). I have to say that my daughter's homework is not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. It may be because alot of it is review - although this week they have started some new things - yippee. They have a little take home book to read each night (test on Thurs or Fri), spelling on Tuesday night and math on Wed night. So far no homework on Thurs or Fri - yahoo!

My daughter is in school from 8-2:30. That sounds like a long time, doesn't it? Boy, the days sure do fly. I always think I will get SO much done on those days but it is rare that I really feel like I accomplished alot. Maybe that's since there is so much to do. Maybe it's because I blog too much (not possible). Maybe it's my way of doing a little of everything and not a lot of one thing. Maybe by high school graduation I will have it figured out.

I have mentioned before that my daughter is in Daisy Girl Scouts. Well, this year the Daisy's are allowed to fundraise. Now isn't that lucky for us? I have spoken of my distaste for fundraisers (although I appreciate the need). But do I let on that I don't like it to Little Miss? No way. If she is going to be in the troop she (we) should particpate in every aspect. Right? I have a much easier time saying 'no' to the school fundraisers since she has to be in school (since we don't homeschool) than I do to the club ones. But, really, can I just write a check? I know that doesn't teach the kids much, so fundraise I will. Anyone for a magazine? Chocolate? Nuts? Cookie dough? Wrapping paper?

I am off to see our isurance agent - fun times. Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Halloween, already?

My daughter & I hit Lowe's on Saturday for some grout (long story for another day) and came home with this cute door mat and the little black cat. I had it all sitting by the front door to put in my 'Halloween' box for my October 1st Halloween decorating. I went to the garage to do some things and come back to see these things at the threshold to the playroom. The little orange cat is from one of those claw/ stuffed animal game machines. Later on Sat. we had a Halloween party - that's why the table and notebook were in front of the door. I had to sign in to go to the party - like a guest book. She cut apples to dip in peanut butter and we had water. It was all quite cute and fun. My daughter signed the dog in too, but after the dog tried to eat our food (what a surprise) she was escorted out of the room and her name was crossed off the guest list.
My husband was out of town over the weekend and missed all this fun!

Thursday my daughter starts play rehearsal for the Christmas play at our church. It is her first year to do the play and she is really excited. She wants to try out for the role of Mary. Quite lofty aspirations for a 1st grader but last year Mary was a 2nd grader so it's not out of the realm of possibilities. She has other friends in the play so it will be quite the social event. The only thing I don't like (there's always something with me!) is that the practice goes from 6-7:30 on a school night. She is usually in bed by 7:30 so it will be a little adjustment - probably more for me than her.

I am off to scrapbook with friends this morning. I am trying to work on cards and Christmas gifts while I am there. Very productive of me, no?

Friday, September 12, 2008


as seen through the eyes of a first grader. Apparently, this is no longer 'fashionable'.

But this is.

Paired with something black, of course.

I know I am old fashioned. I still think that you should dress nicely to go to church, a wedding or a funeral. I don't think you should wear 'logo' t-shirts for your school picture. I think a man should wear a collared shirt on the golf course. Whites for playing tennis. No white shoes after Labor Day or before Memorial Day. A slip is usually required for a skirt or dress. I should have been born a generation or two before I was. I could go on but will spare anyone still reading.

How different things are now. And how quickly little Miss has caught on. She has a small fortune worth of Hanna Andersson clothing hanging in her closet. All cute and colorful. Lots of which she is rejecting now because it isn't 'fashionable'.

I think have a looonnnggg road ahead of me...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you...

on that morning of September 11, 2001? As our parent's generation remembers exactly what they were doing when John F. Kennedy was assassinated & we remember where we were during the Challenger disaster, we all will have forever etched in our minds what we were doing on that fateful morning 7 years ago.

I remember sitting on the coffee table (bad habit) watching ABC news replaying the first tower being hit. My first thoughts (as this was very early on, before anyone really knew what was going on) were that this was a horrible accident. My wildest imagination could not have thought up what we would eventually learn to be the truth. As I was watching the first tower fall, a second plane crashed into the second tower. Now the world knew that this surely was no 'accident'. As the days went on, we all learned the horrible truth and would be forever changed as a nation. As Americans.

Seven years later, many still wonder 'why' & 'how' this could have happened. While the 'how' is pretty much understood now, the 'why' is still such a mystery to me. I know, we have heard all the stories of 'why' but it's still not anything I really can understand. 'Why' does anyone think it's okay to be so destructive and brutal? I doubt that I will ever really be able to comprehend this.

We were all touched by this disaster, this act of terrorism, in some way or another. If we weren't directly affected, we know someone who knows someone who knows someone whose lives were changed drastically by this event. And it still hurts deeply no matter how far away in time we get from 9/11/01.

I was five months pregnant on 9/11/01. I wondered how this would affect my unborn child and the others yet to be born, just born, or those already a few years old. I have tried to explain this to my daughter when the topic comes up but I think even at 6 she doesn't really get it. They are still so innocent. This will be an addition to their history lessons that we never had to learn. We had to live it first hand.

I am always praying for those directly affected by the events of 9/11/01. The babies who never met their daddies, the wives who had to raise their families alone, the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who waited and waited for their loved ones to come home for days and days, those who finally had to accept that they weren't coming home. Those who perished that day will never know what heroes they were. They lost their lives so we could still continue to live free.

God Bless America

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today I had my 6 month check up at the dentist. I love my hygenist and truly enjoy going to the dentist (sick, I know). Well, today I understood why people hate to go. Ouch. She was killing me.

So I asked her: "Is it just me, or was today painful? Are my teeth more sensitive because I am getting older?"

Hygentist: "No, it's because you're a woman. It's hormonal."

Me: "Excuse me?"

H: "At certain times of the month our teeth are more sensitive."

Me: "Well that explains it."

Who knew?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How Clean is Your House?

So, have you seen "How Clean is Your House?" Oh my, is all I can say. WHERE do these people come from? The synic in me says they are actors and their 'home' is a set. But I think it's one of those things you can't even make up it's so bad. The family (yes, young children involved here) on the show I saw today had not cleaned their home in 10 years. Can you even imagine?? It is really hard to watch the show sometimes since all I keep thinking is that I should be cleaning my house!

I try to keep to a cleaning schedule around here but sometimes it's hard. Of course there are the daily things:

  • Wipe down kitchen and bath surfaces after each meal. Put dishes in the dishwasher or wash them by hand. For all my faults, the one thing we don't have is dishes stacked in the sink. It just grosses me out.
  • "Swiffer" the tile - we have a dog which means lots of dog fur so it's best to do it daily.
  • Put shoes/coats away.
  • Make beds - although I do admit that sometimes on Saturdays I don't make it - I don't know why Saturday. But only if no one is coming over.
  • General 'picking up'

I wash the sheets on Tuesday. I really hate doing my daughter's bed. She has one of the bunk beds with the full on the bottom and a twin on top and it's against a wall. I should get combat pay for that. Clean bathrooms on Tuesday or Wednesday. Oh and there is the mopping. UGH. This is why I used to have a cleaning lady. But since she has been gone I discovered 'the shark steamblaster'- it is wonderful. The floor feels sooo clean and it dries in no time.

Well, I am off to put the clean sheets on the bed,vacuum and clean our bathroom. I'd better run...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun Fall Giveaway...

Stop by and see Colleen at Baby Makes Five and check out her Fall giveaway! Don't you just love that witch?? Kind of puts me in the fall mood (even though it will be 106 today! )
Have a good one!

Friday, September 5, 2008

An Elementary School...

or a Pub? Take a gander at some of the lunch offerings in our school district this month.

  • Nachcos w/ cheese sauce (read: tortilla chips, cheese whiz & a spoonful of ground beef)

  • Cheeseburger

  • Hot Dog

  • Pepperoni Pizza

  • Corn Dogs

  • Sloppy Joes (the worst thing they serve, by far)

  • Frito Taco Salad (same as nachos but with a little iceberg lettuce)

What next, a keg set up next to the milk and juice?

Thankfully, my daughter has not wanted to buy much this year. In defense of the school they do offer cold sandwiches along with the pub food as well as a 'shaker' salad each day. I didn't buy much when I was in school either (but I really wanted to) but I remember Pizza day being a HUGE deal & I don't remember any of this other stuff. I guess times have changed in 20 (or more) years. All that being said, I know there are many children who get their only meals at school & I am thankful that they have the opportunity to partake on the school lunch program. I wonder though if that isn't even more of a reason to make the food a little healthier.

What do other school districts offer on their lunch menus?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

...So Last Summer

Conversation this afternoon while looking at the Costume Express catalog:

Little Miss: I want to be Sharpay (from High School Musical) for Halloween.

Me: That's nice but what about this (to the right) Cheerleader outfit from High School Musical?

LM: No, that's SO last summer.

Me: (trying not to laugh) Let's talk to dad when he gets home and see what he thinks.

Excuse me? Where do they get this? I just don't run around saying that. TV, maybe? Why of course. Check e-bay soon for a TV for sale...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I stand corrected...

There IS a difference between Cheetos and Cheezits. Thank you Laurie & The Rockin' Wife for pointing this out. The pictures on the previous post were from the internet. The acutal food I served is to the left. My husband would rather starve to death than eat baked Cheetos.
I am not eager to start blogging about politics however, I am looking forward to watching Sarah Palin this evening at the convention. I am still a little in shock about McCain selecting her but I am getting used to the idea. I think I hadn't really been paying a ton of attention to the election and it just took me by surprise. I have heard many people say good things about her and I have to trust John McCain's judgment (he is our senator here in AZ). So we'll see what happens tonight.
Our scrapbook store closed in Jan so I have been getting supplies on line, from Stampin' Up or when we go out of town. We have a stamping store in town and I finally went there today before I went to meet my daughter at school for lunch. It is a little hole in the wall place but is stocked full of great paper, stamps, ink, adhesives, kits, etc. They even have classes. I am glad I finally went - if I need something quick I know I can just run in and pick it up.
Well, I am off to do some work before little Miss arrives home from school. I may be scarce for a few days as my office was apparently hit by a tornado while I wasn't looking....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cheezits or Cheetos....

Does it really matter? Apparently to the picky Petes in my house it does. Yesterday I was making lunch for my husband and little Miss. I made him a 'sammy'(as Rachael Ray would say) and cheetos. So I asked little Miss if she would like Cheezits with her sammy and she said yes. I meant to say Cheetos (she should know that, right?) So I put the Cheetos on the plate and she says "I thought you were giving me Cheezits". So after a short discussion out came the Cheezits. But I just kept thinking - does it really matter - aren't they pretty much the same? Apparently, not...

Monday, September 1, 2008

OK, no more...

home improvements for a long time. Whose idea was it to put the laminate flooring in the play room?? Everyone we know, plus all the ads, say how easy these things are to install. Well, how do I put this nicely? Hmm - They lie!! Or we are REALLY incompetent. Oh my gosh - 2 days later it is complete. We started Sat at about 10:30am and worked until about 5:30. We finished all but 1 1/2 rows. Had to go to Lowe's & Home Depot on Sunday and started the floor about noon'ish. We finished at about 4. We also put new baseboards on as the others (original to the 25 yr old house) were trashed. I had planned on painting them but just couldn't see putting anything in such bad condition back on. The new baseboards are very lovely. The whole room looks good but if we ever decide to install laminate flooring again we will hire someone to do it - unless our friends who think it's easy could do it for us...
Today we are taking it easy. And I am cleaning for our company tonight. We need to get my daughter out for some fun since she was such a good sport this weekend. She went to my mom's on Sunday for a while to play so that was nice. Not sure what we'll do this afternoon but we need to figure it out really soon.
On Wednesday, we took our dog to the vet as she appeared to be on her last leg. Sure enough, she has kidney disease plus arthitis. Well, after much thought we decided to put her on a special kidney disease diet. I was unsure if this was the right thing since she would need to go off the arthritis meds in order to do the diet. I know my husband questioned my judgment. And I was a little concerned with it being a holiday weekend and not being able to take her in if something were to happen to her. So far she is doing amazingly well. A true miracle. She hadn't eaten in days but she has eaten her new food quickly at each meal. She is up and around where she basically slept all day when she was on the meds. She is back to being the pain in the neck she has always been. :)
I am off to mop and go find something fun to do with little Miss...