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Can you hear the music?

The Christmas music that is. Driving home on Christmas night I was happy to hear a Christmas tune as we got in the car at 7 pm. As soon as that song was over - boom!- back the regular music. Such an abrupt ending to a wonderful time of year (on the radio anyway). Luckily I have an arsenal to keep the music playing through the new year (my husband is not so happy about that!)

I just returned from KMart where I got some Christmas wrap (cute) and cards (also cute) for next year. I figure now's the time to get it since I will pay full price for the same thing next December. So now I am ahead of the game. There was still ALOT of stuff left today, the 28th. And there were really no crowds to deal with. I was able to look at all the cards at my leisure.

My decorations are still up. I love the lights from the tree. I will probably take everything down on the 1st'ish. Here a little 'vignette' from my mantel that is still up & looking oh so cute:
How could I take that down??? …

It's coming whether we're ready or not..

Well, I am on the last leg of Christmas preparations. Wrapping the very last of the gifts, baking the last of the cookies (hopefully eating the last of them, too!) The big thing right now for me is getting the house straightened up for our company on Christmas Eve. Wait, that's tomorrow. What, you might ask, am I doing on the computer?? No good answer - how about taking a break?

I am wrapping the last of my daughter's gifts as soon as I finish this. I usually wait until Christmas Eve for the wrapping but this year I decided to do it early & I am glad I did. A new tradition has started. The last things I need to wrap are some things I ordered for her online. They have been here almost a week but I am just getting to it. She will really be excited - it is new riding gear for her quad - goggles, jersey, pants and gloves. She has outgrown everything else so I figured since I needed to buy it Christmas was a great excuse. She will be especially excited since the new gear is PINK…

My first entry

Well, I finally decided to do a blog. What posessed me, I don't know, since I always am saying I am way too busy. Maybe I will find that this is an outlet for me. I guess time will tell.

My goal will be to share what's going on around here with those who wish to read about it. I also want to share pictures of my life and family. I see so many neat blogs with the coolest pictures, decorating ideas, recipes, etc. I have copied a few things already - I hope no one minds!

The name for my blog has little meaning. I just like it. Many, many years ago I saw a movie in which 'September Acres' was the name of a home (you know the type, the LONG driveway that leads up to the big gate, that leads to the big circular driveway and bigger house). I have always remembered that name for some reason and since my plantation isn't quite done I figured this was the perfect place to use the name! My house bears little resemblence to the above description (although we do have a circular …