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Are you ready for summer?

Only 5 days left of school here.  Can you believe it?  Each school year goes by faster & faster for me.  I think it's an age thing...

The summer weather and the continuous heat are slow coming this year - thank goodness.  But before long we'll be spending most of our time in the pool.  We have a couple really cool trips planned and I hope to get out of the heat for a bit sometime in July.

So many moms I know dread the coming of summer and having the kids home all day.  I personally love it - a slower schedule and spending fun time with LM and her friends is a welcome change.

I'll be busy this coming week working on LM's last day of school pool party for her friends & getting my feet wet as the PTA president for the upcoming year.  While I feel like I am fairly qualified for this job it amazes me that they will let ANYONE run the PTA. I guess it's desperation...