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New Bed...

We got a new bed a few weeks ago. Our first king sized one. I can't believe how much bigger a king is than a queen. I spent hours (really, I think we were there for almost 4 hours!) at the store trying to decide on a bed since I know we will have it for a long time. I finally decided on this black sleigh bed. Quite a contrast to what my plans were. I went in there wanting white, I came out with black. But I really like it and have come to grips with the fact that we will not have a white bed. Going from a queen to king involves a lot more than just a new bed. A lot.
New sheets, new mattress pad, new comforter, new comforter cover. And new pillows - totally forgot that one. So not only do the people at the furniture store (headboard & foot board, mattress, sheets, mattress pad) love us so does JCPenneys (sheets, comforter, pillows) & Pottery Barn (comforter cover, fitted sheet to cover box spring - instead of a bed skirt).

Our new bed has pretty much changed the look of our m…

Don't speak...

I have mentioned before how bad I think the school lunches are at LM's school. They are nothing like this.

More like this (minus the cookie, for now). Yes, we still offer tater tots at lunch.

A few weeks ago we got an 'Elementary Food Service Survey' sent home to fill out. Being the good parent that I am I filled it out and sent it back. I mentioned a few things and answered the questions like a good girl. Today we get the same survey attached to a nutrition newsletter from Aramark (our food service provider). Excellent newsletter although our menu totally contradicts what the newsletter said. Since we got the survey again I am assuming that they didn't get much response from the parents. I figured if they want some response, I'll respond. Like the whole back page of the survey.

But then I got to wondering, am I just a crazy person? Do they really care what we think and want to hear our ideas or do they just want us to check the boxes so they can say '92% of our…

The Laundry Room...

I am not a fan of the containers laundry detergent and other cleaners come in so I figured I would put my Oxy clean in something besides the plastic tub I brought it home in. Something frugal that I already owned. I was happy to see that I had an empty pickle jar - a big one. I cleaned it out and removed the label. I found some fun paint in my vast supply of paint. I found a chipboard number which I traced on to the jar and then painted over. Voila! The above pictured jar. It is bright and cheerful when I open the cabinet to do my laundry. And it was free... Join Wendy @ The Shabby Nest for Frugal Friday. Melissa is hosting an Under $10 Under one hour party. Check it out!


1. Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

I don't think so. I think every choice we make leads us to where we are supposed to be. If one thing was changed it would change the course of your life. Although I may have taken a little more notice when my weight started creeping up so I wouldn't have lots to lose now.
2. The 2nd thing you have to do is pick 4 people and give them this award and inform them that they have received it.
3. The 3rd thing you must do is thank the lovely individual who gave you the award.
Thank you Sarah! What a nice surprise to receive this. I am thrilled to have you as a reader!
4. You need to share 7 things about your self.

I am not fond of Halloween (with the exception of the candy corn). I don't like to use the word 'hate' but that kind of describes my feelings about Halloween. I grin and bear it though because the hubby and LM LOVE it.I…