Don't speak...

I have mentioned before how bad I think the school lunches are at LM's school. They are nothing like this.

More like this (minus the cookie, for now). Yes, we still offer tater tots at lunch.

A few weeks ago we got an 'Elementary Food Service Survey' sent home to fill out. Being the good parent that I am I filled it out and sent it back. I mentioned a few things and answered the questions like a good girl. Today we get the same survey attached to a nutrition newsletter from Aramark (our food service provider). Excellent newsletter although our menu totally contradicts what the newsletter said. Since we got the survey again I am assuming that they didn't get much response from the parents. I figured if they want some response, I'll respond. Like the whole back page of the survey.

But then I got to wondering, am I just a crazy person? Do they really care what we think and want to hear our ideas or do they just want us to check the boxes so they can say '92% of our parents think our staff is courteous' or '74% of our parents think our system of payment is excellent'? So, I decided to hold on to the survey for a couple of days and see if writing it all down makes me feel better even if I am the only one who sees it.

LM doesn't buy lunch often. The food is bad and she knows it. Although she did tell me tonight that sometimes her friends share tater tots with her. Great.

Maybe it's better if I don't speak...


Laurie Anne said…
Speak. It's important. Bottom line for school lunches is the "bottom line". They just don't have the budgets to provide fresh, high quality foods. Sad.

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