Lunch Box Granola...

LM's teacher gave her class an extra credit assignment for math last week.  It was a cooking assignment which helps the kids with fractions.  They had two recipe choices and she picked the lunch box granola.  I have been wanting to make granola for a while so I was happy she chose this one.  

She made a list of everything I would need to buy and I headed to the store while she was at school on Friday.  $16 later, I had the missing ingredients.  I was a bit shocked that some of these items cost so much.  I felt like we just bought a grade!

All the ingredients ready to go.


Fresh out of the oven.

The finished product.

LM did everything herself except put the cookie sheet in the oven and take it out. She emailed a picture of it to the teacher and turned in a paragraph about it on Monday.  It turned out delicious and I know I'll be making it again, using up the ingredients I bought.  I don't think I'll ever buy granola again as it was super easy and I know it's healthier.  

I guess it was educational for both of us....


Cute project but I would be asking the teacher why she isn't teaching this in class instead of expecting you to fork out for it as well as teach it at home.
Amanda said…
I haven't made granola is on my to do list too. So glad LM had such a good time doing and learned from it.

I can't quite read the recipe...can you share it?

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