Dream Home...

We went by the HGTV Dream Home 2012 the other day.  I realized that we had been by it a few times before but I never recognized it since it really doesn't look like this:

I think part of the reason it wasn't easy to put two and two together is because the grass isn't green this time of year.  Also, there were no lights on and no car in the driveway.  There was security in front of the house.  I guess to keep people like us away!

There is a great view of the mountains which I love.  Beautifully snow capped this time of the year.  The house is in a new development.  There is one other house built and several lots sold.  I think it will end up being a nice little neighborhood as the years go on.  

I am loving the kitchen in the dream home.  Can't you imagine cooking and entertaining in this space?  Oh, to be the lucky winner of this home.

Right now on the HGTV website you can vote for where the next dream home should be.  I always look forward to the dream home each year.  How about you?


Laurie Anne said…
Those dream houses are always so full of eye candy. I'm a total sucker for the beach houses.
Love the new header :0)

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