Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back to Reality...

Spring break is just about over so it's back to reality.  We had a fun break and did a ton of things.  School starts up tomorrow.  I love the carefree days of no school.  Getting up when we want, doing what we want, not being on a schedule.  But LM does so much better with a schedule and she is ready to go back to school.  This afternoon she got her backpack out and 'organized' it so she'd be ready to go in the morning. 

Tomorrow for me will be full of errands, scheduling all kinds of appointments, working, banking.  Pretty much all of the things I didn't do last week while I was off enjoying myself.  Tuesday will be even more exciting busier since I need to deliver all of my tax things to the accountant.  Nothing like waiting until almost the last minute, right?

A break is fun but all of these other things are really what makes it all work.  They are the things that make it possible to take a few days off and really enjoy them.  The day-to-day reality is what makes the vacations really special - the endless days of doing everything you want, or nothing at all.

So tomorrow it's back to reality. Until the next vacation....
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Laurie Anne said...

We have one more week left until our spring break and I can't wait