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Trick or Treat...

Little Miss & I made these little treats for her classmates. Who am I kidding? She made about 3 and I made the other 24. That's okay. She had fun and things definitely went quicker when I was on my own. They have small peppermint patties in between 2 scallop cardstock punches. I made the spider's legs with a photo corner punch. The nose is just some small red scrap paper. The eyes are the jiggly ones you buy at the craft store - round white cardstock w/ the black colored in works just as well. Below you can kind of see the peppermint patty in between the paper. This is not an original idea - I copied it from a friend.
Tomorrow night we are carving pumpkins at our house with some friends. Should be fun. And I always love to roast the pumpkin seeds after we cut the pumpkin. Saturday we will trick or treat at our church like we always do. Happy Halloween!

What's in a name?

I called the hospital today to negotiate the payment for my husband's ER visit in September. When the young lady answered she said:

"Billing, Skeeter speaking." Skeeter?? She had the most pleasant sounding voice, sounded fairly young & female. She sounded like a Jessica or Kelly or something like that.

Skeeter sounds like a 12 year old boy. Or a dog (we have friends who have a Yorkie named Skeeter). That's a rural hospital for you, I guess.

By the way, no luck negotiating a lower payment...

Too much of a good thing?

Yesterday my mom came over and we spent most of the day cleaning Little Miss' playroom. It's really clean & clutter free now. Hope it stays that way for a good long while (a girl can hope, right?) While cleaning we came across the coloring books and crayons. Oh, there were soooo many crayons. There had to be thousands. Where did they come from, I wonder? All those crayons. I ended up giving the ones above to LM's old preschool. Come to find out they have alot, too. But I didn't take them back. The school will eventually go through them - quicker than we will. We still have a pencil box full plus a box of 64 (with the pencil sharpener in the back) plus the ones she keeps in her homework box. Is there ever too much of a good thing? I think there was here. We love crayons for sure. But we don't need THAT many...

Happy Homemaker Monday...

The weather in my neck of the woods: Sunny, supposed to be about 79 today :)

One of my simple pleasures: A day @ home with not much to do.

On my bedside table: About half way through 'Finding it' by Valerie Bertinelli - so far so good!

On my TV: nothing right now but am looking forward to CBS sitcoms tonight.

On the menu for tonight: Probably soup and sandwiches since it is our first night of hockey.

On my to do list: Jazzercise, clean (really clean) and purge LM's playroom, change/wash sheets

New recipe I tried last week: none

In the Craft basket: little treats for LM's classmates for Friday. Will post a picture when I have a few completed.

Looking forward to: Halloween weekend. Carving pumpkins w/ friends on Friday night. Then the oh-so-fun trick or treating (can you hear the sarcasm? It's my husband & daughter's holiday - I go along for the good pictures I get to take which make good scrapbook pages.)

Homemaking tip of the week: Not mine, I think I …

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

it's time to start Christmas shopping. I can't believe it is October 22nd already. Every year I say it, but 'where does the time go?' I have always been an early Christmas shopper. I am done with all shopping before Thanksgiving. Except for the Secret Santa gifts on my husband's side since names don't get picked until Thanksgiving day. I don't do well with that system at all but what can I do??
I have already started my shopping. Of course. We're not sure what we're getting LM for her 'big' gift this year. Either a trampoline (this would pretty much be family gift since I would enjoy it just as much as she would) OR a Barbie camper. It's pretty snazzy. Nothing like the one I had as a young girl. I remember no toilet in mine. No TV either. Times, they are a-changing. Anyway, I think the logistics of Santa putting the trampoline together on Christmas Eve, presumably in the dark, would be a nightmare. So, I am thinking camper for Christm…

She's back...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to The View on Monday after an all too long (at least to me) maternity leave. I tivo'd it so I watched it at night while my husband was out at the hockey rink. She seemed kind of out of it - in a funny, new mom who's lacking sleep way - we've all been there. Best of all she indicated that this baby would be the last. Yippee! No more maternity leave and having to endure guest hosts like Kate Gosselin and Heidi Montag. Actually I didn't watch it when Kate was on and I turned it off the day Heidi was on.

One guest host I did enjoy in Elisabeth's absence was Rachel Campos-Duffy. I had never heard of her before (never watched 'The Real World'). I thought she was so similar to Elisabeth in her political views - which I liked, although I know everyone doesn't. Plus she has written a book, 'Stay home, Stay happy' which I am looking forward to reading.

I worked at my husband's office today so I am looking forwar…

New decoration - no cost...

First, let me say that I totally stole this idea from this talented lady. Mine doesn't look much like hers but I like to give credit where credit is due. And I thought this would be perfect for Wendy's Frugal Friday Linky Party.

I got a black frame that I wasn't using out of a cabinet. Used black & white cardstock that I have in my scrapbooking stash and a sticker (boo) that I have had forever. I cut the white numbers out with my cricket. I wasn't wild about the way the 3 looked at first but it's actually kind of creepy - perfect! Sometimes I want some new decorations but I don't want to spend any $$. I just poked around (on the computer and at home) and voila! The pumpkin behind the frame was kind of a bargain - 50% off at Michaels. It was white but I painted it blue to match my kitchen/dining room and sprinkled it with translucent embossing powder while the paint was still wet for just a little sparkle. With the money I saved I can buy some more candy corn!! …


I have put up my Halloween decorations and thought I would share them. I don't do a lot -just enough to get into the spirit. Below is one of those stuffed animals you win, I mean buy, in those machines with the big claw they have at arcades and Denny's. I loved the 'faux fur' arms - a cute thing to put on top of my pillows on the fireplace. Little Miss painted the wooden ornament sitting on the pumpkin (ornaments were a cute find at Michaels- 5 for $1.99 I think).
The trick or treat sign was another find at Michaels (a couple of dollars). I think it looks cute on my urn. I am thinking of putting some of those small pumpkins in the urn - just haven't been to the store since I thought of that idea.

The center of the mantle. LM made the little purple haunted house.

The front door decor. Smokey thinks the little pumpkin is a ball. We'll see how long that lasts.

My favorite is this spooky house with the little 'spooky' tag I made. LM made the little b…

What ever happened to...

A. People being polite as they drive through parking lots ? I am constantly amazed that when you walk out of the store with a buggy full of purchases that parking lot drivers just keep on driving without the slightest urge to stop and let you pass. Heaven forbid they don't get that first spot in the lot and have to walk. Most of us can use the exercise we get from a further spot, right? (I bet the Wiggles would stop for me!)
B. Looking both ways before you cross the street or parking lot? On the other side of the coin are those who walk out in front of cars without looking. Usually the same guy who won't stop for you to walk by will be the one to walk out in front of a car with out looking. We get a lot of 'winter visitors' (retired folks) here in the winter and I swear they are the worst offenders (of both infractions). It's not 1922 people - there are a lot of drivers out there. I don't want to be driving through the Walmart parking lot when offende…

Happy Homemaker Monday...

Weather in my neck of the woods: Sunny in the 80's

One of my simple pleasures: A quiet walk on the beach.

On my bedside table: "First things first" by Kurt & Brenda Warner, "Finding it" by Valerie Bertinelli. I finally finished 'Twilight'.

On my TV: nothing

On the menu for tonight: steak kabobs, broccoli, salad

On my to do list: change sheets, make reservations for the dog to go to the kennel this weekend, make appt to get oil changed, work in office

New Recipe I tried last week: none

In the craft basket: nothing right now

Looking forward to: Going to Las Vegas this weekend.

Homemaking tip of the week: Clean your microwave easily: put some water and white vinegar in a cup (microwave safe) and set the microwave for about 2-3 min. When you are done you should be able to wipe the inside clean. You can also use lemon juice/water or just plain water.

Favorite Blog post of the week:This one about how Halloween has gone crazy!

Favorite photo of the week: Guess who…

Cloudy with a chance of....


We just got back from seeing this. Oh my. Of course Little Miss loved it. She has been asking to see it for weeks and we finally gave in since she has been so good all week. We thought it would be a nice reward for her. Little did we know how painful it would be for us.

I know it is based on a book and there seemed to be a lesson for the kids to learn (I came away with 'greed isn't good'- not sure if that is the intended message or not). There are on line printables available, lesson plans for teachers - it's a big deal apparently.

Just not a great movie. Maybe just the adults don't like it. My friend Dawn warned me but said her little one liked it. Maybe we're just too old for it.

I do know that LM was beyond thrilled to see it and walked out with a big smile on her face. Can't ask for much more then that.

Oh, did I mention we got to wear those fun 3D glasses too?

All she wants for Christmas...

I guess I am kicking myself for letting Little Miss watch 'Miracle on 34th Street' yesterday. After it was over she knew what she wanted for Christmas.

LM: 'Mom, I know what I want for Christmas.'

Me: 'What's that?'

LM: 'A baby sister.'

TOTALLY didn't see that one coming.

Me: 'Well, I don't know about that. What else do you want?'

LM: 'Style Six, baby in my pocket, a new scooter. BUT I really, really want a baby sister.'

Me: ' I don't think that is possible.'

LM: 'Yes it is. Santa can do anything.'

In light of my recent post regarding the man in the red suit I guess I am happy she thinks Santa 'can do anything'. My husband got a kick out of this of course. Since he had a vasectomy last year we're really going to need Santa. Maybe the Hugh Jackman or Eddie Cibrian model.

But, alas, there will be no baby sister here. The factory is beyond closed. To quote a fellow blogger: It will happe…


When we were in Ca. last week we went to a sandcastle contest at Corona del mar beach park. I am not sure who won but they were all worthy. Little Miss had her picture taken by all of the sandcastles. Here are a few of my favorites. Love this castle. A TRUE sandcastle for sure.

This was an ice cream sundae. See the cherry at the top. On the right side you might be able to make out the strawberry. Shells were used for the seeds.

This was a bridge with turrets on the side. Look at the detail.

No sandcastle here. But I will send you my forwarding address when I move in! This lovely is right across the street from the beach (I was standing on the beach side to take the photo). Not too shabby!

'I don't think so...'

Last night at dinner:

Little Miss: "Some people don't believe in Santa."

Dad: "Oh, really. What do you mean?"

LM: "They say that parents put the presents out in the middle of the night. I don't think so."

Me: "Why do you say that?"

LM: "I've SEEN Santa."

So I guess all is well here. LM still believes. My mom was worried that since she hadn't said anything about the conversation with her friend that she thought he was right.

I don't think so...

So, what do you think?

My friend M came over with her boys today for lunch. He oldest boy is just a few weeks older than Little Miss. They have know each other since they were born. He is as sweet as they come. His brother is almost 6 and a total hellion. Hard to believe they have been raised by the same parents. I knew it might be a kind of crazy play date.

While I was making lunch they all played in LM's playroom. LM came out of the room looking a little sad and said:

"Nate (the sweet one)said that your parents get up in the middle of the night and give you gifts."

"Excuse me?" I say.

"Yeah, he says there is no Santa and your parents give you gifts."

WHAT??? I'm sorry but I was not quite ready to explain this to her yet. She loves Santa. I never thought I would have to handle this now. I was fuming. (I'm kind of in a fuming type of mood so watch out- even if I wasn't I would have been a little miffed).

So I gently explain that 'Yes, Virginia, there …


We got back from our trip to Newport Beach this afternoon. It was a fun trip with great weather. Time to get back on my schedule and start eating right. Little Miss is out of school all week for fall break so my schedule will be a little off this week. But I'll do my best to keep things semi-normal. I'll post some pictures later this week. We went to a sandcastle building contest on Sunday and I had to take LM's picture in front of every sculpture so there's lots to show.

We got back about 4 and everyone was ready for dinner but of course, I had no food in the house. I received a flyer from my grocery store with coupons in it and I noticed one for fried chicken (I am starting to eat right tomorrow, not today)- 8 pieces for $3.99. Great deal, I think. And I had some broccoli to steam so I thought it wouldn't be terrible. So LM and I run to the store to pick up the chicken. We arrive about 5:30 pm only to find NO CHICKEN. They had baked but not fried. Sin…

Until June...

The NHL season started. My husband will not be available until after the Stanley Cup playoffs. All discussions will need to take place during the commercial breaks.

"So this is what it's going to be like until June?" I ask.

"Pretty much." He says.

Twelve years I have done this. I know the drill. And I know it could be worse. At least I like hockey (just not 24/7-you won't catch me watching the old games on ESPN classic or anything). And at least I know where to find him...

T minus two hours....

Little Miss starts Fall Break this afternoon. We are heading out tomorrow for a few days in Newport Beach, California. It will be our first trip there and we're all excited about it. Of course, it will not look like the above picture AT ALL. More like this. Not too bad either. It will be in the 70's during the day which we are REALLY looking forward to. It was actually in the 60's this morning here when we woke up. Happy Day! LM went out with the dog, immediately came back inside declaring that it was cold and proceeded to wrap herself up in a blanket. I opened all the windows...