I have put up my Halloween decorations and thought I would share them. I don't do a lot -just enough to get into the spirit. Below is one of those stuffed animals you win, I mean buy, in those machines with the big claw they have at arcades and Denny's. I loved the 'faux fur' arms - a cute thing to put on top of my pillows on the fireplace. Little Miss painted the wooden ornament sitting on the pumpkin (ornaments were a cute find at Michaels- 5 for $1.99 I think).
The trick or treat sign was another find at Michaels (a couple of dollars). I think it looks cute on my urn. I am thinking of putting some of those small pumpkins in the urn - just haven't been to the store since I thought of that idea.

The center of the mantle. LM made the little purple haunted house.

The front door decor. Smokey thinks the little pumpkin is a ball. We'll see how long that lasts.

My favorite is this spooky house with the little 'spooky' tag I made. LM made the little banner on the right (you can see just a bit of it.)

I have really been enjoying looking at other blogger's Halloween/Fall decor. So many talented people out there. So many ideas to copy! How do you decorate for this time of year?


The Mrs. said…
Everything looks so great! Not giving yourself enough credit!!

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