Making your House your Home - Dining


If I had my way, I'd have a dining room like this one.  Odd?  I can't tell you how many people I hear say "I don't want a dining room, we would never use it."  Right now we have a dining area or an eat in kitchen, that's it.  Our table does seat 8 (very cozily) so it works for us but I would love to have two spaces as opposed to one.

Whether you have one dining space or two (or more!) how do you make it a space you want to use on a regular basis?

  • Keep it clean - It's so easy for the dining room to end up as the dumping ground - a place for mail, keys, school work, magazines, etc.  I try to keep our table clear unless we're using it.  Likewise, you could set your table each day so you're ready for the next meal.  Anything to keep it junk free and usable for dinner (so important) or homework.
  • Clean it - Not quite the same as keeping it clean - make sure the rug or carpet is clean, wash windows and screens and make sure light bulbs are replaced as needed.  
  • Lighten things up - Change out drapes or curtains with the seasons - light linen drapes in the summer really makes the space seem airy and cool.  A heavier drape in the fall and winter gives the feeling of warmth and comfort.
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stacey hickman said…
Enjoying your series. I like having a dining room, even if we don't use it much.thanks for your tips...
Love your tips and I wish I could apply them. My little house doesn't have an eating area sadly. We have great living areas for a house of our size, but no dining room or breakfast nook or anything. I didn't know I would miss a dining table as much as I do. We usually eat on the couch, which drives me crazy! :)
SHANA S said…
When you desire for something from your heart, you do get it. One day you will have a dinning room.
I am also as fussy as you are. Everything has to be in its place, clutter free and clean.
Nice to see people take interest and pride in their homes.

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