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Happy Homemaker Monday...

On my bedside table: Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

On my TV: Nothing

On the menu for tonight: Leftover tri-trip & shrimp

On My To Do List: Finish taxes

New Recipe I tried last week: Nothing

In the Craft Basket: Nothing - unless you count the paint I bought last week to paint the dining room...

Looking forward to: Painting the dining room

Homemaking tip for this week: Sure fire way to get the house picked up: invite company over for dinner. Works every time!

Favorite Blog Post of the week: Nothing really comes to mind, but it was a slow week for me!

Favorite photo of the week:

We have this little cactus in our yard that blooms once a year for about a week. If you miss it, you miss it until next year. So pretty.

Lesson learned the last few days: There can be too much of a good thing. On my prayer list: Family, friends Devotional, Scripture reading, Key verse: With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. ~Matthew 1…

Call her Frauline...

Yesterday when we were driving home from hockey Little Miss asked me:

"What's our heritage?"

Me: "Well, dad's family is from Germany & mom's is from France & Ireland. Why do you ask?"

LM: "I just wanted to know. So I am German, like dad."

Me: "Yes, but you are also French and Irish, from my side."

LM: "No, I just want to be German like Dad."

Alrighty then.

I am still trying to figure out just where the question came from in the first place. Maybe she'll tell me. Or I should just ask dad, he'll know...

Happy Homemaker Monday...

On my bedside table: Whatever happened to thrift? by Ronald T Wilcox

On my TV: Hockey

On the menu for tonight: Tortellini

On my To Do list: Working for my husband today(so my list will extra long tomorrow!)

New recipe I tried last week: Nothing, I was at my sister's.

In the craft basket: Easter cards (still)

Looking forward to: Getting back into my routine

Homemaking Tip for this week: Open your windows everyday for fresh air - no matter how hot or cold it may be - even for just a few minutes.

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other): Not much blogging last week but I know I'll catch up this week. :)

Favorite photo of the week: I posted them here.

Lesson learned the last few days: Keep it simple!

On my Prayer List:My parents as they travel tomorrow. My cousin who is struggling with the 2nd anniversary of her dad's (my uncle's) death.

Devotional, Scripture reading, Key verse:

It is impossible to live pleasurably without living wisely, well, & justly, and impossible…

Snow Fun...

We are back from our spring break trip to Utah. It was a fun week. Little Miss went to ski school (above in the pink pants) on Monday. I cannot believe the number of kids that were out there. I really didn't expect it to be busy but I am glad it was. Little Miss is ready to move on to the next level next year.
On Wednesday Little Miss and I went tubing. It was in the 50's that day. You can see how there is virtually no snow across the highway. Thank heaven for man made snow! Tubing was fun. It wasn't packed but there were enough people there so it didn't feel like we were alone but the lines weren't too long.

But the real highlight of the week was our trip to East High. I had no idea this was where the High School Musical movies were filmed. Of course, Little Miss recognized it right away. So that was our trip, in a nutshell. We got to visit with my sister a lot and my cousin came over for dinner one night so we could catch up. As with all vacations, it…

Spring Break...

My daughter starts spring break on Friday afternoon. No school all next week. We are headed to Utah to see my sister for a few days. Most people are headed to warmer climates but we will see the hot, hot weather before you know it. So we are hoping for some snow. I am sure lots of you think we're crazy and I am sure I would feel the same way if we had been snowed in all winter.

While I am gone I will likely not be blogging much, if at all. I will have my laptop with me but I am guessing I won't be using it too much. At least I hope not. I guess if it snows TOO much I might use it more.

This morning I was reading my Rachael Ray magazine before Little Miss went to school and noticed a recipe for Nachos. I thought that would be fun to have for dinner one night (not the specific recipe I was looking at, just regular old nachos). So I mentioned this to Little Miss to see if she would like them - I told her we could put ground beef or chicken on them with cheese, onions,…


My daughter had her 2nd hockey tournament out of town over the weekend. My husband is her coach (8 and under team). He also coaches the 12 and under team. About a week or so ago our friend, 'S', asked if we would let her son, 'D', stay with us on Saturday night in our hotel room since she could not afford another night in a hotel (her older son plays on the 14 and under team and they traveled on Friday to be there for the 14's game first thing on Sat.) My husband was hesitant as 'D' is a handful to put it mildly. He said he would talk to me and let her know.

Since our room was small it was going to be a tight fit but I thought I might ride home with another family on Saturday, leaving my husband alone on Sat. night(he had to coach the 12's on Sunday afternoon/early evening). Then it was decided that I would ride home on Sunday morning w/ another family. My husband told 'S' he wouldn't have room since Little Miss and I were staying Sat.…

I could be a judge...

on American Idol (big aspirations!) I called it last night on the Wild Card show. I thought the judges would pick Jasmine, Megan, and Anoop. And then, when Matt and Anoop both got called up at the end I said "they better make it 13!" And they did. The didn't necessarily pick the people I would have picked but I knew they wanted to round things out with different styles/genres. It should be a good season. Lots of talent. There is no Michael Johns this year so I probably won't be totally hooked (really). I didn't really pay much attention to David Cook until he sang 'Billie Jean'. I mean, if you can make a Michael Jackson song sound good you must be talented. Which brings me to next week's Idol. Yes, they are bringing out the Michael Jackson songs. All I can say is thanks for the warning. I have never been much of a fan of his so I don't plan on tuning in (really). But it should make for good entertainment.I broke my new year's re…

Overheard in my car...

while coming home from hockey practice tonight:

Little Miss: 'Mom, isn't Super-Walmart your favorite store in the world?'

Me: 'Um, no.'

Where have I gone wrong??

Only in America?

My jaw hit the floor as I read this story today. WHY would someone think it's okay to call 911 because they can't get chicken nuggets? Granted, the store should have given her a refund but she should have called the district manager, not 911. They were probably doing her a favor anyway. Really.

A zoo...

My daughter's Daisy scout troop took a trip to the zoo.We left bright and early (7 am) on Saturday morning for the3+ hour trip. After a couple of stops (8 six year olds need potty breaks!) we made it there. It was a beautiful day for the zoo - in the mid 80's and sunny. They each got a 'buddy' - Little Miss is in the pink top. All of the parents went so there was plenty of adult supervision. The absolute highlight of the zoo was this little area. We made 2 stops there for the girls and they had to be pulled out both times. They would have been happy just playing here all day. But there were lots of other sights to see so we plugged on.
Sting Ray Bay was really fun. They got to pet & feed the sting rays. I have to say I was caught off guard by the feeling of these guys. I didn't expect such a 'slimy' feeling.

Look at this guy! I don't remember how old he is but he's been around a while.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way home for dinner.…