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Why I Don't Keep a Journal...

I've never been one to keep a journal or diary (as we called it back in the 70's).  I had a diary in grade school but wrote in it only sporadically.  It was one of those cute little ones with a lock and key that were so popular back in the day.

I had some riveting entries like this one:
Today I went to school.  I came home from school and Debbie came over after school.  I watched the Brady Bunch and  The Partridge Family at night.
And this one:
Today I went to school.  Dianna was sick today and didn't come to school.  
Riveting.  Am I right?  Good thing my diary wasn't put in a time capsule lest future generations think kids in the 70's were super boring.  
Since that first little diary I've tried to journal (the new millennium terminology) every now and then with similar luck.  Even I get bored with what I've written.  Over the years I've tried to figure out why I didn't enjoy this process.  In fact, I pretty much loath the process.  I still do and h…

Easter Deals, Ideas & Fun Stuff - 4/11/17

~I just finished reading 'The One & Only' by Emily Giffin.  I've read all her books except her newest one ('First Comes Love') and I think 'The One & Only' is my favorite so far. I highly recommend it. I am excited to dig into 'First Comes Love' soon.

~Easter is Sunday and I know most of us are knee deep in preparation.

*One of our family traditions is making these sticky buns for Easter morning.  I usually only make them on Christmas and Easter as they are pretty rich and I want them to be a treat.  Kind of how my Grandma made ebelskiver's for us when we were little - we wanted them everyday but she made them on rare occasion and everyone of her grandchildren remembers how special they were. If she had made them every time we asked (i e. every morning) they wouldn't have been special and we'd likely not remember them as fondly as we do.

*I am forever looking for wreaths for our front door.  We have double doors so I'm always…

25 Candy-Free Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Every year I write about candy-free Easter basket filler ideas. We are bombarded right after Valentine's Day with Peeps, chocolate bunnies and Cadbury Creme Eggs every time we enter a store..  There has to be more to an Easter basket than sugar, right?  No matter the size of the basket, non-sugar goodies are a must for Easter.  While I don't want Easter to turn into another Christmas-like gift giving holiday, I am always searching for gift ideas to pass on to the Easter Bunny.  Here are 25 non-candy Easter basket ideas (some new ideas, some are old stand-by's) for kids of all ages:

For Little Kids (0-8 years or so)

Coloring Books and Crayons - there are awesome Easter Bunny & Religious coloring books out there this time of year - a great place to check is your local dollar store. Legos - I love the'Friends'line that is out for girls now.  The usual cars and trucks and airplanes are still out there for the boys.Small Play Characters - likeLittle People & Littl…