Easter Deals, Ideas & Fun Stuff - 4/11/17

~I just finished reading 'The One & Only' by Emily Giffin.  I've read all her books except her newest one ('First Comes Love') and I think 'The One & Only' is my favorite so far. I highly recommend it. I am excited to dig into 'First Comes Love' soon.

~Easter is Sunday and I know most of us are knee deep in preparation.

*One of our family traditions is making these sticky buns for Easter morning.  I usually only make them on Christmas and Easter as they are pretty rich and I want them to be a treat.  Kind of how my Grandma made ebelskiver's for us when we were little - we wanted them everyday but she made them on rare occasion and everyone of her grandchildren remembers how special they were. If she had made them every time we asked (i e. every morning) they wouldn't have been special and we'd likely not remember them as fondly as we do.

*I am forever looking for wreaths for our front door.  We have double doors so I'm always on the lookout for something that doesn't cost a fortune since I need to buy two. I found this cute one at World Market. And it's on sale!

*Target has $3 Egg Decorating kits.  And if you're near a Safeway check to see if they have Paas Egg kits for 79 cents (ours does!)

What kind of Easter deals have you found this year?

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