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Winter Wonderland...

The Christmas decorations are out and the first area I have totally completed is the dining area.  My idea was to create a 'winter wonderland' - neutral, clean, simple.  I am loving how it turned out and loving how little I spent to create the look even more!  The pictures were taken at night so the lighting isn't the very best but I kind of like the wintry feeling the nighttime photos capture.

The picture above is the whole table including the stars (75 cents each from Michaels) hanging from the ceiling fan, which I LOVE.  I hung them with 'tinsel' ribbon from Stampin Up which I already had and it is so perfect for this project.

I used a drop cloth (6' X 9') which I already had for the table cloth.  I topped that with a cream damask runner that I have had forever - I thought that added a little bit of texture and was a contrast to the rough drop cloth.  I considered cutting the drop cloth to fit the table a little better but in the end I figured it was pe…

A little bit of Glitter...


I wanted to frame my pink and green advent calendar using something fun.  I thought the Krylon Glitter Blast in Citrus Dream would be just the ticket.  I got a simple white frame from Michaels.  It was 50% off - I think I ended up paying $5 or $6 for it but this is the kind of project that is perfect for a dollar store or goodwill frame, so you could spend less.

Due to my super fabulous photography skills (is it me or the camera?) I am not sure you can really see how spectacular this turned out.  I hope I did it a bit of justice anyway.  I would use the Glitter blast again - it is so sparkly!  And the color is really fun!

I think this will end up in LM's room with her new lime green mini Christmas tree.  Photos to come really soon.

I'm linking up to Tuesday's Treasures @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

Advent Calendars...

I am a lover of advent calendars.  So when I saw this Stampin' Up stamp set I know I had to have it.  Not that I need to make or buy another advent calendar.  This set has a stamp for each day of December so instead of making a traditional advent calendar I decided to make more of a Christmas wall hanging using each day.  The one above is the first one I made.  I love the pink and green and the plan is that those will be my 'colors' for this year.  I still need a frame for that one - my idea is to get a frame (a cheap one) and spray paint it with my Krylon Glitter Blast in Citrus Dream (a bright green).  I'll definitely be sharing that and I hope it turns our pretty!
The hanging below is framed and ready for gift giving.  I Love the simplicity of this.  Basic Christmas colors and lots of white.  I got a bit more creative with this one - some embellishments, embossing, etc.

For a more rustic or down to earth look I love the one with the kraft background.  Still trying to…

Pumpkin makeover...

I have had this pumpkin for a couple of years (it's a craft pumpkin from Michaels) and decided it needed a makeover.  I didn't want to do anything permanent since I like the light blue color.  It was white when I purchased it.  I then painted it blue and added a bit of glitter.

For this new update I added some orange glittery ribbon to the pumpkin.  I just used glue dots to stick one end of the ribbon to the top and one end to the bottom.  This way it is removable.

 I made the banner on the computer using Power Point.  I printed the banner on white typing paper and cut out the pennant shape.  I then glued the paper to a cheez-it box (very thrifty of me and sturdier than card stock) I cut into the pennant shape.

 I added the ribbon, stamped images and swirl attachment for a little more interest.  I then hung the pennant on the stem of the pumpkin.

A new twist on an old pumpkin.  And the best part?  It didn't cost me a dime - I used things I already had.  Something else to …

Halloween Recap...

Halloween is always fun around here.  Truth be told, I could live without it but the family loves it.  LM said today 'I wish Halloween wasn't over yet.'  She was the Queen of Hearts this year.  My husband was a pirate.  Dred locks and all.
 My friend H has a party every year and she goes all out.  Don't you love that spider?  She had brains on display and mummys; the whole thing!  I don't think we ended up with too much candy this year.  Enough for sure but nothing too crazy.

 I was a Pan Am stewardess this year.  I am hooked on that show.  Such a glamorous looking life.  Boy, my feet hurt in those heels!  I am not used to that anymore.  I switched into flats during trick or treating, just like the stewardesses do in flight!

 On Friday night, my husband and I went to see Darius Rucker.  It was a great concert.  Even my husband had fun.  He did some Hootie so that sold my husband.  A super fun couple sat behind us so that made it even more fun.  If you get a chance t…