A little bit of Glitter...

I wanted to frame my pink and green advent calendar using something fun.  I thought the Krylon Glitter Blast in Citrus Dream would be just the ticket.  I got a simple white frame from Michaels.  It was 50% off - I think I ended up paying $5 or $6 for it but this is the kind of project that is perfect for a dollar store or goodwill frame, so you could spend less.

Due to my super fabulous photography skills (is it me or the camera?) I am not sure you can really see how spectacular this turned out.  I hope I did it a bit of justice anyway.  I would use the Glitter blast again - it is so sparkly!  And the color is really fun!

I think this will end up in LM's room with her new lime green mini Christmas tree.  Photos to come really soon.

I'm linking up to Tuesday's Treasures @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.


I can tell how spectacular it is. I see we are glitter pals right now. Thanks for the visit.
Sandy Ang said…
What a unique advent calendar !

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