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Happy New Year!

I can't remember a time when I have been so happy to have a year behind me but I have to say that 2012 is a year I'm not too sad to say good-bye to.  As the saying goes 'it was the best of times, it was the worst of times'.  It was a roller coaster year for us for sure.

So with that I wish you all a very happy, healthy 2013!

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
~Oprah Winfrey

12 Most Popular Posts of 2012

As the year comes to an end, I always like to look back to see what I worked on over the year and what themes or ideas were popular here at September Acres.  I love reading year in review type posts and there are a ton of them out there right now.  I hope you will enjoy reading (or re-reading) my most popular posts from this past year.

31 Days of Organization-Day 1- This is where the series starts.  It has links to all of the posts for the month (a few of them are also on the top 12 list).Home Management Notebook - Also part of the 31 Days series.  The notebook has been such a useful tool for me.DVD/CD Storage - Even with MP3 players and the like DVD & CD storage can be a bear.  This solution really helped keep our home looking a bit neater.  This was also part of the 31 Days Series.Organizing Basics - Yet another in the organizing series.  Key Lime Bar Recipe - We spent a week organizing our kitchens and I loved taking a break to use our clean space by making this yummy recipe.Ho…

Merry Christmas!

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace, The gladness of Christmas give  you hope, The warmth of Christmas grant you love.
~Author Unknown
From our family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas filled with love and the wonder of a child.

Hot Cocoa Bar....

Hot Cocoa Bars are all the rage now.  Hot Cocoa is the perfect treat for after school or at the end of a hard day.  Adding mix-ins and marshmallows makes it an experience.  Just what you need to warm up on a cold winter's day.  We set up our hot cocoa bar this weekend and it's been a hit (I know it would be).

I found this cute printable sign here.  There are many other printable signs out there and most are free (you have to love that!)

I stocked our hot cocoa bar with Swiss Miss packets but you could make your own mix and store it in a pretty jar instead.  Keep plenty of mugs on hand for your thirsty crew.

Be creative with your mix-ins.  Of course we have marshmallows on hand as well as candy canes (they make the perfect stirrers), peppermints and chocolate chips (white and milk).

Our resident artist has been drawing up a storm since school has been out and this seemed the perfect spot for a picture of Timmy the Elf.

A Hot Cocoa Bar is easy to set up and very festive.  I kno…

Last Minute Gift Ideas...

In my book, if you're shopping on December 21st for Christmas Gifts, it's pretty much the last minute.  Many of the toys, electronics and clothing that are the HOT gifts this year have been snapped up by the early birds.  But that doesn't mean that it's socks and underwear for everyone on your list.  Here are some fun, thoughtful and quick gift ideas.

Photo Gifts and Books- There's still time to download your photos and make cute gifts for everyone on your list. offers a few same day gifts: prints on canvas, calendars and photo books to name a few.  Download your photos online and pick up your personalized gifts today.  Snapfish also offers store pick up on some gifts at places like Walgreens & Duane Reade.  Photo gifts look like you put much thought into what the recipient likes yet most sites are very user friendly.  The hardest part is picking out the perfect photo.

Gift Cards - I know what you're thinking, "how personal is a gift card?&…

Thursday's Thoughts: The Message of Christmas

This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone.”

~ Taylor Caldwell (1900-1985), English novelist.

Holiday Movie Marathon

One of my favorite things about Christmastime is the movies.  I love watching them over and over each year.  The classics like "It's a Wonderful Life" and newer ones like "Four Christmases" are equally popular here at September Acres.  I am especially fond of the hokey Lifetime movies ('it's a wonderful lifetime')  You know the ones: there's usually a female lead named Holly or Noel and a male named Nick or Chris as well as a Santa type character.  They're very predictable but so fun to watch on a Saturday afternoon.  Grab some popcorn and join me as I list my very favorite Christmas movies.  You'll probably find a few of these are some of your favorites.  And maybe you'll get some ideas for new ones to watch this year (and beyond).

I've broken the movies up into categories since some are family (kid) friendly and some aren't.

Family Friendly Favorites

Home Alone -  Slapstick comedy at its best. I am fond of the original one. …

Is it Time to Re-gift the Gift Exchange?

I am over at Momma Be Thy Name today talking about Gift Exchanges.  I think you either love them or hate them.  You can see my opinion here.

Don't forget to leave a comment on each post of Momma's 12 Days of Christmas for a chance to win and Elf Pack and a Keurig Elite.

12 Days of Christmas & a prize!

On Sunday, my guest post will be live at Momma Be Thy Name for her 12 Days of Christmas series.  I am super excited about this opportunity and I am loving the first few posts so far.  It's right about this time in the Christmas prep that I enjoy a good laugh and these posts have been just what I needed.  
Because I think the Elf on a Shelf is creepy, I really enjoyed Mary's post yesterday.  It's not for the faint of heart but you will laugh until you cry - if you're not an Elf fan.  I honestly thought I was the only one who wasn't a fan (and LM who, thankfully, thinks he's creepy too) but apparently, I am not alone.  
Head on over to Momma Be Thy Name to read these great posts as well as enter to win an Elf pack.  In the Elf Pack are these fabulous gifts:
Hallmark Keepsake 2012 Snowflake Ornament$25 Macy’s Gift CardArthur Christmas on DVD$100 MpixGift CertificateiHome Portable Rechargeable Mini Speakers (If you’re extra nice, you will receive Glow Tunes LED Col…

Holiday Home Tour 2012....

Welcome to our 2012 Holiday Home.  I switched things up a bit from years past but I  didn't buy any new decorations this year except for the wreaths for the front door. I'll let you look around a bit.  Enjoy!

Smokey & I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday's Thoughts: Christmas

It came without ribbons.
It came without tags.
It came without packages, boxes or bags.
Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas,
means a little bit more
~The Grinch

Oh Christmas Tree...

I found a super cute idea for a Christmas tree decoration in a book a while back and decided to recreate it this year.  Not only was it cute, it seemed really simple and used only a few supplies:
Paper Cone type Christmas tree, any size.Scrapbook paper (I used a pack of paper with coordinating prints)AdhesiveCircle punch (mine was 1 3/8")Ribbon - I used a fairly wide one but I think you could use whatever you like

Punch out circles of scrapbook paper.  I started by punching out 125 circles and ended up punching about 25 more to finish the tree.

Starting at the bottom of the tree, glue the circles to the tree with your adhesive of choice.  I used glue dots but I've had to re-glue a few of the circles after they fell off.  When I re-glued, I just used good old Elmer's glue & and haven't had any of those fall off so maybe that's how I should have started. :)

Work your way up the tree, overlapping a bit with each row.

Add a ribbon to the top.

And you're all …

...And Caroling Out in the Snow

I'm one of those people who could listen to Christmas songs most of the year.  Call me crazy, but I love them.  I get really excited when, in mid November, XM Radio switches on the Holly station.  As we move into December, more stations pop up with different styles of Christmas music, like country & pops.  They even have Radio Hanukkah, which starts on December 7 (along with Christmas country & pops).
While I will listen to almost any Christmas carols, I have some favorites: Silver BellsThe Little Drummer BoyWinter WonderlandFrosty the SnowmanSilent NightMary Did You KnowLet it SnowThe First NoelGrown Up Christmas ListCandy Cane Christmas 'Candy Cane Christmas' is a fairly new song by Darius Rucker.

Have you ever wondered how the custom of Christmas caroling started?  You can find a little history about that here.
What are your favorite Christmas Carols?

Thursday's Thoughts- Decorating

Decorate your home. 
It gives the illusion that  your life is more interesting than it really is.

~Charles M. Schulz

Fun with Advent Calendars...

There are so many cute advent calendars out there this year and if you're not careful you could end up spending a small fortune on one of them.  Before you do that, consider a fun DIY advent calendar.  There are many ideas and tutorials out there that are budget friendly and really fun to put together.  In no particular order here are 12 of my favorites - I'd  have them all in my home if I could!

The Envelope Advent Calendar - I just love the idea of this because it's super easy and pretty inexpensive.  Most of us have envelopes on hand to make this happen.  This is the perfect type of calendar for 'experience' treats as opposed to toys or candy.  Things like: watch 'Elf' tonight, go sledding or make cookies with mom can be printed out on the computer on paper and tucked in the envelope for a fun activity.  This one from A Few Things From My Life is one of my favorites.

Muffin Tin Advent Calendar - These are all over the place and they are one of the neatest…