Last Minute Gift Ideas...

In my book, if you're shopping on December 21st for Christmas Gifts, it's pretty much the last minute.  Many of the toys, electronics and clothing that are the HOT gifts this year have been snapped up by the early birds.  But that doesn't mean that it's socks and underwear for everyone on your list.  Here are some fun, thoughtful and quick gift ideas.

Photo Gifts and Books- There's still time to download your photos and make cute gifts for everyone on your list. offers a few same day gifts: prints on canvas, calendars and photo books to name a few.  Download your photos online and pick up your personalized gifts today.  Snapfish also offers store pick up on some gifts at places like Walgreens & Duane Reade.  Photo gifts look like you put much thought into what the recipient likes yet most sites are very user friendly.  The hardest part is picking out the perfect photo.

Gift Cards - I know what you're thinking, "how personal is a gift card?"  I'm not saying get a Visa gift card (unless that's what someone asked for) and toss it in an envelope.  But if you're sister has a bad Starbucks habit she'll love a gift card from there.  Pick up a cute gift box or mug from the dollar store (you will be shocked at the cuteness of the Dollar Tree gift wrap options, really) and put the card in there with some chocolate or mints.  Shopping for a teen? Pick up an electronics store gift card and some ear buds (find them at the dollar store). Your brother is renovating his kitchen?  Find out where is is buying his supplies (Lowes, Home Depot) and give him a gift card to help him out with his project.  Buy a small bucket or paint tray, some brushes and painter's tape and wrap that together with the gift card.  Cute, right?  And thoughtful.  Be creative and think about what the recipient likes or needs and it will all come together before the big day.

Wine/Liquor - Again, don't just toss the bottle in a bag.  Add some wine or martini glasses (again, check the Dollar Tree before you hit the department stores), cheese & crackers or olives and you can put together a great gift.

Magazine Subscriptions - Buy the current issue of the recipient's favorite magazine and add a note saying that you have ordered a subscription for them.  This is a gift that keeps on giving and you can do REALLY last minute (Christmas eve shopper?  This is for you).

Baked Goods - I always keep baking supplies on hand and some tins and containers for homemade gifts.  People love baked goods and it's even better for some people if they don't have to do the baking.  A cute container and lots of ribbon makes for a pretty presentation.

Most of these ideas can be done from the comfort of your own home or at the grocery store. If you are hitting the stores this weekend though I've heard of a couple of great sales:

  • Kmart- 50% off jammies for the entire family.
  • Aeropostale - 60% off everything for your teen and pre-teen.
Happy Shopping!


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