Holiday Movie Marathon

One of my favorite things about Christmastime is the movies.  I love watching them over and over each year.  The classics like "It's a Wonderful Life" and newer ones like "Four Christmases" are equally popular here at September Acres.  I am especially fond of the hokey Lifetime movies ('it's a wonderful lifetime')  You know the ones: there's usually a female lead named Holly or Noel and a male named Nick or Chris as well as a Santa type character.  They're very predictable but so fun to watch on a Saturday afternoon.  Grab some popcorn and join me as I list my very favorite Christmas movies.  You'll probably find a few of these are some of your favorites.  And maybe you'll get some ideas for new ones to watch this year (and beyond).

I've broken the movies up into categories since some are family (kid) friendly and some aren't.

Family Friendly Favorites

  • Home Alone -  Slapstick comedy at its best. I am fond of the original one.  I don't like to mess with a good thing and this is definitely a good thing.  It's not great for the really small kids but about 7 or so is a good age to introduce it.
  • Elf - I call this family holiday favorite a 'new classic' as I think our great-grandchildren will be enjoying this one.
  • The Polar Express - Based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg (which I also recommend), this is fantasy and positive messages all mixed into to one good movie.  
  • Arthur Christmas - Just out on DVD, this movie answers the question we all get from our kids, 'how does Santa deliver all the gifts in one night?'  
  • Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas -  I haven't seen this one yet but Laurie says it's 'vintage Muppets at their finest.'  
  • A Christmas Story - I saw this for the first time (really) this past weekend.  We Tivo'd it and LM and I have watched it twice.  A really cute movie.
  • It's a Wonderful Life - Released in 1947, this is the quintessential Christmas movie loved by old and young alike.  

After You Put the Kids to Bed Favorites

  • Four Christmases - Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon show us why sometimes we don't want to be with the family at the holidays.
  • Christmas Vacation - Always funny.  Every year.  
  • The Holiday - Jude Law and Ed Burns (in a very small role).  Reason enough for me to watch.  Add in the English cottage of Kate Winslet's and this sweet romantic comedy is a winner.  I watch this one over and over.
  • The Family Man - A wonderful life-ish movie about a Wall Street broker playboy who wakes up married with children.  
  • When Harry Met Sally - This is such a great movie and I included it on my holiday movie list since there's the whole New Year's Eve scene & that makes it a holiday movie in my book.  Back in the day (way back) I recorded this on my VCR when it was on network tv (commercials and all) and watched that recording over and over and over.  I now own the DVD.

It's a Wonderful Lifetime (also includes Hallmark Movie Channel )
  • Moonlight and Misteltoe - Candace Cameron Bure and Tom Arnold.  Good stuff. (Hallmark)
  • Comfort and Joy - Nancy McKeon (Jo from 'Facts of Life) gets knocked unconscious in a car accident on Christmas Eve.  (Lifetime)
  • On Strike for Christmas - Just like it sounds, Daphne Zuniga goes on strike because her husband and sons aren't helping with Christmas preparations.  If only... (Lifetime)
  • A Christmas Proposal - Nicole Eggert and Tom Arnold.  A legal dispute brings Lisa Donahue (Eggert) back in contact with an old beau.  (Lifetime)
  • Holiday Switch - Nicole Eggert.  After she falls in her dryer (yes, isn't that great?), Paula Ferguson (Eggert) gets to see how her life would have been had she married someone else.  Hokey at its best.  (Lifetime)
  • Matchmaker Santa - Lacey Chabert (Party of Five).  I loved this one!  The title tells you all you need to know.  (Hallmark)
I plan to watch every one of these this season.  Some I already have but I'll try to mark more off my list this weekend. 

Are your favorite movies on this list?  What do you recommend?    


The Lovely One said…
Please go out today and get yourself some Emmett Otter! It was one of my favorites as a kid!

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