12 Most Popular Posts of 2012

As the year comes to an end, I always like to look back to see what I worked on over the year and what themes or ideas were popular here at September Acres.  I love reading year in review type posts and there are a ton of them out there right now.  I hope you will enjoy reading (or re-reading) my most popular posts from this past year.

  1. 31 Days of Organization-Day 1- This is where the series starts.  It has links to all of the posts for the month (a few of them are also on the top 12 list).
  2. Home Management Notebook - Also part of the 31 Days series.  The notebook has been such a useful tool for me.
  3. DVD/CD Storage - Even with MP3 players and the like DVD & CD storage can be a bear.  This solution really helped keep our home looking a bit neater.  This was also part of the 31 Days Series.
  4. Organizing Basics - Yet another in the organizing series.  
  5. Key Lime Bar Recipe - We spent a week organizing our kitchens and I loved taking a break to use our clean space by making this yummy recipe.
  6. Holiday Home Tour - I could spend hours touring homes, especially when they are spiffed up for the holidays.  And I love sharing mine as well.  If you haven't taken the tour yet, I hope you'll stop by. 
  7. Shades of Grey - the one where I show you my newly painted guest bathroom.  I didn't do too many home improvement projects this year (I hope that changes in 2013) but this was the biggest.
  8. Kitchen Gadgets - My most loved, most used kitchen gadgets.
  9. Girl's Bedroom Re-do - A new look for LM's room.
  10. 10 Things to Do on Black Friday Besides Shopping - A list of ideas that are way more fun than standing in lines.
  11. A New Look for an Old Dresser - See how just a little change of knobs can change the entire look of an old piece of furniture.
  12. Junk Mail - Part of the 31 Days Series.  Some quick tips to help tame the junk mail.
I am working on ideas for 2013 now and hope to be able to share some DIY projects, recipes and inspiration for you to use in your own homes.

I'm linking up to Jennifer Rizzo's Creative Friday Linky Party.

Thank you for stopping by to see the goings on at September Acres.  I appreciate each of you.  Have a Happy New Year!


The Mrs. said…
Love this idea! Great post!

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