...And Caroling Out in the Snow

I'm one of those people who could listen to Christmas songs most of the year.  Call me crazy, but I love them.  I get really excited when, in mid November, XM Radio switches on the Holly station.  As we move into December, more stations pop up with different styles of Christmas music, like country & pops.  They even have Radio Hanukkah, which starts on December 7 (along with Christmas country & pops).

While I will listen to almost any Christmas carols, I have some favorites:
  1. Silver Bells
  2. The Little Drummer Boy
  3. Winter Wonderland
  4. Frosty the Snowman
  5. Silent Night
  6. Mary Did You Know
  7. Let it Snow
  8. The First Noel
  9. Grown Up Christmas List
  10. Candy Cane Christmas
'Candy Cane Christmas' is a fairly new song by Darius Rucker.

Have you ever wondered how the custom of Christmas caroling started?  You can find a little history about that here.

What are your favorite Christmas Carols?


love Darius! My favorite is the Cannon of the Bells!

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