Hot Cocoa Bar....

Hot Cocoa Bars are all the rage now.  Hot Cocoa is the perfect treat for after school or at the end of a hard day.  Adding mix-ins and marshmallows makes it an experience.  Just what you need to warm up on a cold winter's day.  We set up our hot cocoa bar this weekend and it's been a hit (I know it would be).

I found this cute printable sign here.  There are many other printable signs out there and most are free (you have to love that!)

I stocked our hot cocoa bar with Swiss Miss packets but you could make your own mix and store it in a pretty jar instead.  Keep plenty of mugs on hand for your thirsty crew.

Be creative with your mix-ins.  Of course we have marshmallows on hand as well as candy canes (they make the perfect stirrers), peppermints and chocolate chips (white and milk).

Our resident artist has been drawing up a storm since school has been out and this seemed the perfect spot for a picture of Timmy the Elf.

A Hot Cocoa Bar is easy to set up and very festive.  I know we'll be enjoying it well into the new year.  Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Have you set up a hot cocoa bar?


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