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Paying back....

It's taken over a year but we were finally able to pay back the kindness of strangers yesterday on our way home from Phoenix. You may remember in December of 2012 we had a breakdown in the Virgin River Gorge on the Utah/Arizona border.

Yesterday afternoon my husband noticed a truck & U-haul stopped on I10 about an hour out of Phoenix.  He didn't think too much of it until he saw a girl (probably in her twenties) walking along the side of the highway heading towards the next exit (about a mile away).  He pulled over and asked me to get out and meet her to see what she needed.  Luckily, she just ran out of gas so we took her to the gas station to get a can of gas and drove her back to her car.

As it turns out, she is a newlywed whose husband was deployed right after their wedding last year and she was headed to their new duty station.  It was sure nice to be able to help her out and even better that we were able to help someone whose spouse is serving our country.