Oh Christmas Tree...

I found a super cute idea for a Christmas tree decoration in a book a while back and decided to recreate it this year.  Not only was it cute, it seemed really simple and used only a few supplies:

  • Paper Cone type Christmas tree, any size.
  • Scrapbook paper (I used a pack of paper with coordinating prints)
  • Adhesive
  • Circle punch (mine was 1 3/8")
  • Ribbon - I used a fairly wide one but I think you could use whatever you like

Punch out circles of scrapbook paper.  I started by punching out 125 circles and ended up punching about 25 more to finish the tree.

Starting at the bottom of the tree, glue the circles to the tree with your adhesive of choice.  I used glue dots but I've had to re-glue a few of the circles after they fell off.  When I re-glued, I just used good old Elmer's glue & and haven't had any of those fall off so maybe that's how I should have started. :)

Work your way up the tree, overlapping a bit with each row.

Add a ribbon to the top.

And you're all done!  I did this while watching a movie.  It would also be a fun project for kids that are a bit older (8-10 or so)

I really like how it turned out.  The colors are a little different - I really love the black - it's something I really never thought of using in Christmas decorating or crafts until I saw this paper.

I have the tree sitting on the little corner above my kitchen sink. It's always fun to add a new little decoration each year. And, other than the cone/tree, I used items I had on hand.

I'm linking up to Kate's Holiday Craft party.  There are some amazing craft ideas - go see for yourself.


♥ Sonny ♥ said…
what a beautiful creative idea~! they look fabulous..
Sue said…
Cute Tree and looks like a lot of fun too!

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