Halloween Recap...

Halloween is always fun around here.  Truth be told, I could live without it but the family loves it.  LM said today 'I wish Halloween wasn't over yet.'  She was the Queen of Hearts this year.  My husband was a pirate.  Dred locks and all.
 My friend H has a party every year and she goes all out.  Don't you love that spider?  She had brains on display and mummys; the whole thing!  I don't think we ended up with too much candy this year.  Enough for sure but nothing too crazy.

 I was a Pan Am stewardess this year.  I am hooked on that show.  Such a glamorous looking life.  Boy, my feet hurt in those heels!  I am not used to that anymore.  I switched into flats during trick or treating, just like the stewardesses do in flight!

 On Friday night, my husband and I went to see Darius Rucker.  It was a great concert.  Even my husband had fun.  He did some Hootie so that sold my husband.  A super fun couple sat behind us so that made it even more fun.  If you get a chance to see him you won't be sorry.

With a fun weekend behind us things will be all about the holidays before you know it.  First I have to put away all our Halloween decorations.  I believe we have acquired a bit more this year.  What was I thinking??


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