Why I Don't Keep a Journal...

I've never been one to keep a journal or diary (as we called it back in the 70's).  I had a diary in grade school but wrote in it only sporadically.  It was one of those cute little ones with a lock and key that were so popular back in the day.

I had some riveting entries like this one:

Today I went to school.  I came home from school and Debbie came over after school.  I watched the Brady Bunch and  The Partridge Family at night.

And this one:

Today I went to school.  Dianna was sick today and didn't come to school.  

Riveting.  Am I right?  Good thing my diary wasn't put in a time capsule lest future generations think kids in the 70's were super boring.  

Since that first little diary I've tried to journal (the new millennium terminology) every now and then with similar luck.  Even I get bored with what I've written.  Over the years I've tried to figure out why I didn't enjoy this process.  In fact, I pretty much loath the process.  I still do and have decided that I don't NEED to keep a journal that shares my every dream and emotion.  I enjoy writing, just not writing about that kind of stuff.

I'm not a super emotional person in that I have to share my deepest darkest with anyone.  I'm a facts type of gal - hence, the 'I went to school' type of entries.  Because, duh, every 9 year old girl goes to school .  No need to write it down for future generations to read. I never got any sort of relief or closure writing about breakups or friends hurting my feelings or not reaching a certain goal.  Things happen, good and bad, but I just don't feel the need to wax poetic about said things in a pretty little book.  

And, oh, those books are pretty these days.  I often find my self looking at journals at Barnes & Noble or other stores and contemplating buying one (or more).  I quickly come to my senses though and put the books down, knowing I will never, ever use them.

I would love to be the person that writes about my life and what each day brings, jot down my most raw emotions and put in plain words how much pain I felt about breaking up with my college boyfriend.  But I'm not that girl.  Never have been, never will be.  Something that's nice to finally have figured out in my 40's (quick learner here).  I'd love to have my grand kids and great-grand kids find my pretty little journal in a box of stuff 50 years from now and hang on every thought out, emotional word I've written.  Instead they'll pull out that little flowered diary with it's lock and key and get a good laugh.  And hopefully they'll Google 'The Brady Bunch' and stream a few episodes and understand what a joy watching that show was.


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