A zoo...

My daughter's Daisy scout troop took a trip to the zoo.We left bright and early (7 am) on Saturday morning for the3+ hour trip. After a couple of stops (8 six year olds need potty breaks!) we made it there. It was a beautiful day for the zoo - in the mid 80's and sunny. They each got a 'buddy' - Little Miss is in the pink top. All of the parents went so there was plenty of adult supervision.
The absolute highlight of the zoo was this little area. We made 2 stops there for the girls and they had to be pulled out both times. They would have been happy just playing here all day. But there were lots of other sights to see so we plugged on.
Sting Ray Bay was really fun. They got to pet & feed the sting rays. I have to say I was caught off guard by the feeling of these guys. I didn't expect such a 'slimy' feeling.

Look at this guy! I don't remember how old he is but he's been around a while.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way home for dinner. It was fairly new & it was much nicer than our McDonalds (not hard to do) - all wood paneling and wood-look booths, clean, flat screen TV. It was like a sports bar feel without the beer! Same old food, though!
We had 2 girls and 3 adults in our car and the ride home was great. The girls slept for about an hour or so and the adults talked and laughed. I am surprised we didn't wake them up.
It was a fun day!


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