My daughter had her 2nd hockey tournament out of town over the weekend. My husband is her coach (8 and under team). He also coaches the 12 and under team. About a week or so ago our friend, 'S', asked if we would let her son, 'D', stay with us on Saturday night in our hotel room since she could not afford another night in a hotel (her older son plays on the 14 and under team and they traveled on Friday to be there for the 14's game first thing on Sat.) My husband was hesitant as 'D' is a handful to put it mildly. He said he would talk to me and let her know.

Since our room was small it was going to be a tight fit but I thought I might ride home with another family on Saturday, leaving my husband alone on Sat. night(he had to coach the 12's on Sunday afternoon/early evening). Then it was decided that I would ride home on Sunday morning w/ another family. My husband told 'S' he wouldn't have room since Little Miss and I were staying Sat. night. We thought that was the end of it.

On Saturday I was talking with a group of parents, 'S' being one of them. Our conversation went something like this:

S: 'Did Bill not want 'D' to stay with you because he is a handful?'

Me: 'No, he never said that. But Little Miss and I are staying tonight so there isn't room.'

S: 'Bill said 'D' could stay if he brought his own pillow and blanket.'

Me: 'Oh, I don't know anything about that. You should talk to Bill again.'

Again, I thought that was the end. UNTIL... I see 'D' coming towards our car with his blanket, pillow and bag. What?? So, I ask Bill, 'Is 'D' staying with us?' As is turns out, yes. Apparently, 'S' basically had the same conversation with Bill as she had with me. Nice. We were bamboozled.

Being the nice people we are, we would not let 'D' sleep on the bare floor w/ his blanket & pillow (which his mom had no problem with) when he needed to play hockey the next day for 3 hours. We put Little Miss in the bed with us (cozy) and 'D' on the pull-out.

The really sad thing was on the way back to the hotel on Sat. night 'D' says "Coach, is my mama coming to watch me play tomorrow?" ouch. No, she was not coming back. Apparently, we are not the first family she has left him with because she didn't want to stay. Oh, and she had plenty of money to go out to the bars on Saturday night once she got home.

Again I ask, 'what is wrong with people?'


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