Day 18-Making your House your Home: How much is too much?


I would venture to say that most of us struggle at some time with our stuff.  Mostly thinking that maybe we have too much of it.  Do we really need the last 10 years of Country Living Magazine?  Or those size 4 pants that we haven't fit into for the past 5 years? Or those baby clothes, when we know we're done having babies?  That kind of stuff takes up space.  Lots of it.

We had new floors installed in three of our bedrooms recently.  We emptied out the bedrooms before the installers came and put everything in the garage.  The master bedroom was completed in one day and the installers realized that they didn't have enough flooring to finish the other two rooms.  So we lived without our stuff in the rooms for about a week.  We kind of got to the point that we didn't really miss any of the stuff after that week. Some of it needs to come back in the rooms - the desk in the office, for example.  But do we need two bookcases in the office?  Maybe not.

Everyone has a different tolerance for stuff so we all need to decide how full our homes will be.  But I'm pretty sure I don't need three waffle makers.


The Mrs. said…
Oh boy do I need to redo my floors and GET RID OF STUFFFF!!!!
tracy said…
Same here! moved everything in 3 rooms for flooring and I was ready to get rid of most of it. I Do find that rearranging rooms often (my "disease") has helped greatly to reduce my belongings down to those that I truly love and those that I truly need. I enjoy your posts! thanks

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