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Do you notice smells when you walk into other people's homes?  I sure do!  Sometimes it's amazing - like when you arrive for Thanksgiving dinner and smell that heavenly turkey.  Or go to a birthday party and walk in immediately smelling that signature 'cake' aroma.  Sometimes it's not good at all - pets or cigarette smoke for example.

I think that welcoming aromas make a house feel cozy and warm.  I like to think others feel the same way.  To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of what I call 'artificial aromas' - like room sprays and Glade Plug-ins.  I like the more natural ones - like apple pie.  Wait, maybe I just like apple pie??  The smell of baking, baking anything, just makes a home seem like a home - lived in and loved.

I do love a good candle though.  My favorite being Buttercream from Yankee. Worth. Every. Penny.

I also love the smell of a clean house.  Especially if someone else has cleaned it.  In my house that means vinegar, since that's what I use to clean most of the time.  Pinesol is cool too.

What are your favorite aromas?  Candles or otherwise.

I'm joining the Nester and about a zillion other bloggers for her 31 Days series.  If you've missed any of mine you can find them here.


I agree with you-- the smell of a home is so important. I love candles for this purpose. My husband and I actually agree on "our favorite" scent, which is Mahogany Teakwood from White Barn. This time of year I also really like simmer scents.
Carol said…
I love Yankee also - my favorite is Harvest. I don't know if they are discontinuing this scent but I'm having a really hard time finding them this year. My second favorite scent is Cinnamon - whether it's a candle or a simmer scent.

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