Day 14 - Making your House your Home - Homework Station...

Once our kids hit the school years most of us look for a quiet place for them to do homework.  As they get older homework takes longer and a designated homework spot makes sense for most of our little students. Some of us have the luxury of a separate room for a homework station.  Some of us only have the space for our kids to work at the dining room table.  Either way you can make the space workable for your family.

 The more challenging scenario is the dining room table way.  How can this work on a daily basis?

  • Keep the Dining Room Table Empty - It's hard to do anything at the dining room table if it's covered with mail and newspapers and who know's what else, right?  That's why it's so important to keep it clean.
  • Turn off the TV- Keep the homework area quiet with no distractions from the TV.
  • Have Supplies Close at Hand - Sharpened pencils, erasers, paper, crayons, glue.  Keep it all in a homework container so there's no excuse to get up mid-homework and get distracted.
We usually have a snack before we start homework but some families find a snack after homework works better.  

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