Day 12 - Making your House your Home - TV's in bedrooms?

I can make this post really short and say 'no TV's in bedrooms, ever.'  That's how I feel and I know it's controversial (is it really?  Is it similar to talking about politics or religion at a dinner party?  Sometimes I think it is.)

That being said you know where this post is headed.  I don't like TV's in bedrooms, ever.  I don't like the aesthetics of a room with a TV.  It's hard to decorate around that big box - even with the flat screens.  I don't like watching TV in bed and luckily I married someone who feels the same way.  We never ever talked about (our pre-marriage counseling never mentioned TV's in the bedroom...) whether or not we would have a TV in the bedroom, it was just a given.

LM has mentioned a few times that she would like a TV in her room.  I asked her if any of her friends had one and she rattled off the names of all of her good friends and letting me know that, yes, she was the ONLY ONE without a TV.

We don't hate TV. We watch it.  A lot of it.  Too much in fact.  We just don't do it in bed.

How about you?

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Julie said…
I am with you on this! Research shows that it's bad for us in many aspects. Sleep quality, intimacy, and test scores all suffer when a television is present in the bedroom.

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