Day 5- Making your House your Home- What to do with Kids' Artwork...

Displaying and storing kids' artwork can be a daunting task.  As a mom, we want to keep everything. As a homemaker, we know it's not possible to keep even half of what they do.  Between the stuff they do at school and the things they make at home on their own it's just too much to consider keeping it all.  And multiply that by 2, 3, or more and we'd need a room devoted to displaying and storing all those great masterpieces!

That's where things like blogs & Pinterest come in handy - there are millions of ideas for displaying and storing your kids' artwork.  Some are pricey, some are DIY.  Some permanent, some temporary.

One of my favorite articles on this subject comes from  It gives 20 great ways to display kids' artwork.  They are all items that you can purchase for displaying artwork but most of them you could DIY in some sort of fashion.  It got my wheels turning for sure.  This cute lavender display is one of those that you can purchase or DIY - and I love the fact that it's not permanent.  If your little artist is forever creating this is the perfect way to change out the art.

One of the easiest, quickest ways to corral your kids' work is the good ole binder.  You can keep it simple or make it look super cute.  And it's so easy to look through when you have a moment.  These binders would make a unique Christmas gift for faraway grandparents, too.  Because we all have more than enough to go around!

How do you creatively display and store your kids' artwork?

This is Day 5 of the 31 Days Series.  The series starts here if you've missed anything.


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