Day 29 - Making your House your Home - It's OK to Let Go...

This is a re-post from my 31 Days of Organization series.

As you're going through your home trying to make it more 'you', you will likely find that getting rid of some of your belongings is the only thing that will give you the space or serenity you desire.  Don't keep anything just because: 

  1. It was a gift from someone you care about.  We all have objects that we don't like but keep because they are from our grandma/best friend/sister and we don't have the heart to part with them.  If a gift is hidden in your closet because you hate it, what good is it doing anyone?  Donate it to the Goodwill and let someone love it.
  2. It represents what you used to be.  The mauve dinnerware you got for your wedding in 1992 may not work for you in 2013.  It's okay.  Let it go.
  3. You think you may fit into or need it one day. The size 4 jeans from high school?  Toss them - trust me, styles have changed since 1988 and you'll want to buy a new pair when you are a size 4 again.  The baseboards you removed during your home renovation?  Donate or sell them.  You will not use them and you know it.  They are just taking up valuable space.  
Just imagine how much room we'd have to spread out if we followed these rules.

The rest of my 31 Days series is here.  


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