31 Days - Making your House your Home....

I'm excited to be participating in the Nester's 31 Days series again this year.  Tomorrow's the big day!  Last year over 1200 bloggers participated, blogging about anything and everything you could think of for the entire month of October.

My theme this year is 'Making your House your Home' so I'm linking up in the 'House & Home' category, natch. This month's all about making your home comfortable, welcoming, creative, warm and most of all, you!  This is where you'll find links to each day's post.  I hope your stop by to check it all out.

Day 1 - Enter Here
Day 2 - Aromatherapy
Day 3 - Book Shelves
Day 4 - Dining
Day 5 - Kids' Artwork
Day 6 - In the Backyard
Day 7 - Music
Day 8 - Feeding Them
Day 9 - Movie Night
Day 10 - Flowers
Day 11 - Kids' Rooms
Day 12 - Master Bedroom TV?
Day 13 - Game Night
Day 14 - Homework Station
Day 15 - Favorite Things
Day 16 - Fresh Baked
Day 17 - Spic 'n Span
Day 18 - How Much is Too Much?
Day 19 - Craft Day
Day 20 - To Paint or not to Paint
Day 21 - Keeping Up
Day 22 - A Creative Garage?
Day 23 - Family Fun
Day 24 - Getting Inspiration
Day 25 - The Family Calendar
Day 26 - Home Management Notebook
Day 27 - The Party's in the Kitchen
Day 28 - At the Front Door
Day 29 -It's OK to Let Go
Day 30 - Getting Ready for the Holidays
Day 31- Recap


Jo Ann said…
I would like to subscribe via email but see where or how. Help :)
Debra said…

I have added the follow by email gadget so it should work. Thank you!
Amy E Patton said…
Hi Debra, Sounds like an interesting series. I'll be following along. Amy
RHome410 said…
Sounds fun and helpful. Looking forward to reading your series!

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