Cleaning Tips...

I was excited to see a Cleaning Tips post over at Kelly's Korner last week.  Sometimes I just wonder what has happened to my house.  It's clean as in we aren't going to get ill from eating at our table.  It's clean as in the sheets get changed every week and the bathrooms get cleaned weekly.  It's clean as in we will not be on 'Hoarders' anytime soon.

But it's not clean to my liking and for the life of me I cannot keep my tile floors clean.  They are white which is issue one and I feel like we drag every little piece of dirt in from the outside.  And the dust that accumulates on the (dark) furniture drives me crazy.  Dust everyday?  Sure, that's what I want to do.

I have a schedule - a flexible one, but this is what it looks like on the 'normal' week:

Sunday - Clean the fridge (trash gets picked up on Mondays so I pitch what I need to on Sundays), empty trash cans, clean dog doo (LM does the last two), mop kitchen floor.
Monday - Laundry
Tuesday - Dust, clean bathrooms (2), mop floors
Wednesday - Laundry
Thursday - Change sheets, wash towels,Vacuum, dust
Friday - Laundry
Saturday - Meal plan, grocery shop

The kitchen gets cleaned after every meal so it's usually in pretty good shape.  With just 3 of us, I don't need to run the dishwasher too often - maybe 2-3 times a week so it just gets run when it's full.

I'd love to have more time to clean (really!) but it's just not going to happen so I have to live with what I can do at this season in my life.

How do you handle cleaning - fly by the seat of your pants, hire it out, schedule it???


The Lovely One said…
I have been for a cleaning service for years!I can barely keep up with the day to day stuff, so the deep cleaning never gets done!

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