Cloudy with a chance of....


We just got back from seeing this. Oh my. Of course Little Miss loved it. She has been asking to see it for weeks and we finally gave in since she has been so good all week. We thought it would be a nice reward for her. Little did we know how painful it would be for us.

I know it is based on a book and there seemed to be a lesson for the kids to learn (I came away with 'greed isn't good'- not sure if that is the intended message or not). There are on line printables available, lesson plans for teachers - it's a big deal apparently.

Just not a great movie. Maybe just the adults don't like it. My friend Dawn warned me but said her little one liked it. Maybe we're just too old for it.

I do know that LM was beyond thrilled to see it and walked out with a big smile on her face. Can't ask for much more then that.

Oh, did I mention we got to wear those fun 3D glasses too?


The Mrs. said…
I thought it looked good but someone told me it was scary? Maybe the mean scary boring! LOL.

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