New decoration - no cost...

First, let me say that I totally stole this idea from this talented lady. Mine doesn't look much like hers but I like to give credit where credit is due. And I thought this would be perfect for Wendy's Frugal Friday Linky Party.

I got a black frame that I wasn't using out of a cabinet. Used black & white cardstock that I have in my scrapbooking stash and a sticker (boo) that I have had forever. I cut the white numbers out with my cricket. I wasn't wild about the way the 3 looked at first but it's actually kind of creepy - perfect!
Sometimes I want some new decorations but I don't want to spend any $$. I just poked around (on the computer and at home) and voila!
The pumpkin behind the frame was kind of a bargain - 50% off at Michaels. It was white but I painted it blue to match my kitchen/dining room and sprinkled it with translucent embossing powder while the paint was still wet for just a little sparkle.
With the money I saved I can buy some more candy corn!!
Go visit Wendy @ The Shabby Nest for some more Frugal Friday fun.


Tiffany said…
This is too cute! You are right, the 3 goes well with a Halloween theme!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the quote you have on yours! Very cool.

I also make cards all the time. So much more fun than buying them, huh? : )
How cute and you can't beat free! Don't you just love the Cricut, it's wonderful for both scrapbooking and home decor projects.
Sandra said…
My husband bought me a cricut but still in the box, while trying to get a craft room set up in my spare room. Thanks for the cute, cheap, idea.

Dee said…
I love it, I have the Sillouette, and it either works great, or I want to throw it out of the window!! Love your blog title. Mine is September the March!
Miss G said…
This looks great! Hooray for free. Wonderful job! Kelly

p.s. I too like the quote on your blog. Kelly
The Mrs. said…
I really like that! Great job!
The Mrs. said…
PS let me know if you ever read mommywood. I have it ready to send again!

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