It's beginning to look a lot like.....

it's time to start Christmas shopping. I can't believe it is October 22nd already. Every year I say it, but 'where does the time go?' I have always been an early Christmas shopper. I am done with all shopping before Thanksgiving. Except for the Secret Santa gifts on my husband's side since names don't get picked until Thanksgiving day. I don't do well with that system at all but what can I do??

I have already started my shopping. Of course. We're not sure what we're getting LM for her 'big' gift this year. Either a trampoline (this would pretty much be family gift since I would enjoy it just as much as she would) OR a Barbie camper.
It's pretty snazzy. Nothing like the one I had as a young girl. I remember no toilet in mine. No TV either. Times, they are a-changing.
Anyway, I think the logistics of Santa putting the trampoline together on Christmas Eve, presumably in the dark, would be a nightmare. So, I am thinking camper for Christmas, trampoline for the January birthday. I'll need to get a firm answer from my husband very soon.

I went to Michaels today armed with my 40% off coupon. Everything I needed was on sale so I decided to check out the craft area to see if I could find anything fun for LM for Christmas. I found these Paperoni kits which she has talked about. So I snapped one up for $4.19. And to think I almost paid $6.99 over the weekend at Toys r us. I love these coupons and I really love the idea of getting kids craft type gifts.

I will be done shopping in one month - hard to believe - where DOES the time go anyway....


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