So, what do you think?

My friend M came over with her boys today for lunch. He oldest boy is just a few weeks older than Little Miss. They have know each other since they were born. He is as sweet as they come. His brother is almost 6 and a total hellion. Hard to believe they have been raised by the same parents. I knew it might be a kind of crazy play date.

While I was making lunch they all played in LM's playroom. LM came out of the room looking a little sad and said:

"Nate (the sweet one)said that your parents get up in the middle of the night and give you gifts."

"Excuse me?" I say.

"Yeah, he says there is no Santa and your parents give you gifts."

WHAT??? I'm sorry but I was not quite ready to explain this to her yet. She loves Santa. I never thought I would have to handle this now. I was fuming. (I'm kind of in a fuming type of mood so watch out- even if I wasn't I would have been a little miffed).

So I gently explain that 'Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa.' I said that Santa does indeed come to our house and leaves gifts and that dad & I also give her gifts but they are all clearly marked. She then said that if there was a Santa she would get a bell. I explained that she will get the bell on the 'Polar Express'. He doesn't always leave them under the tree. (Thankfully, we are going on the Polar Express over Thanksgiving weekend this year).

I am not sure what brought this on but apparently M and her husband have told their boys there is no Santa and that they put the gifts under the tree. She didn't want to lie to them. Alrighty then. They also don't celebrate Halloween and call it 'Satan's day' (whatever). I knew that they didn't celebrate Halloween although I didn't know why. I had no idea about Christmas (Easter, too).

I was totally caught off guard by this. I understand that they have their beliefs but for crying out loud - MOST of us tell our kids there is a Santa, get pictures taken with them, leave cookies for him, etc, etc. Don't we? Or am I lucky that this is the first time it's happened? I expected some one's older sibling to slip and say something about there being no Santa but I didn't think it would happen like this. I think it's kind of sad that the kids don't have this part of their life where they think some things are magic. But, like I said, they have their beliefs and while I respect them I would expect that they explain to their kids that others do believe and they should not mention it to other kids in case they believe in Santa. You know what I mean?

I think LM is okay and still believes. I wonder if she'll say anything to her dad at dinner about it. So, what do you think?...


I groaned out loud when I read your story. That really stinks. When ever my oldest "discovers" something we explain to her that she should not "explain" this to other children since it's not her place. She's been good so far. We also told out kids that we believe in the spirit of Santa Claus. Sort of like we all work together to get Santa's job done. How sad though that this kid broke the news to your child. Not fair. I have friends who don't do Halloween either and we just don't discuss it. I live and let live. Sounds like you do too.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad your husband is OK. Scary!
Sarah B. SMITH said…
HI.. we don't do the whole Santa claus thing..and we don't condone it either. I just want to keep the focus on the real reason for Christmas... and that is Jesus's birth. But every family is entitled to do what works for them.

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