All she wants for Christmas...

I guess I am kicking myself for letting Little Miss watch 'Miracle on 34th Street' yesterday. After it was over she knew what she wanted for Christmas.

LM: 'Mom, I know what I want for Christmas.'

Me: 'What's that?'

LM: 'A baby sister.'

TOTALLY didn't see that one coming.

Me: 'Well, I don't know about that. What else do you want?'

LM: 'Style Six, baby in my pocket, a new scooter. BUT I really, really want a baby sister.'

Me: ' I don't think that is possible.'

LM: 'Yes it is. Santa can do anything.'

In light of my recent post regarding the man in the red suit I guess I am happy she thinks Santa 'can do anything'. My husband got a kick out of this of course. Since he had a vasectomy last year we're really going to need Santa. Maybe the Hugh Jackman or Eddie Cibrian model.

But, alas, there will be no baby sister here. The factory is beyond closed. To quote a fellow blogger: It will happen "when hell freezes over"...


Tina Leigh said…
LOL!!!! That is too funny! Better change the subject there, huh!
Sarah said…
Ha! I think it is cute when they ask for a sibling, our Fortner factory is all closed up too. On a different topic: hide from all field trips! :)

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