Too much of a good thing?

Yesterday my mom came over and we spent most of the day cleaning Little Miss' playroom. It's really clean & clutter free now. Hope it stays that way for a good long while (a girl can hope, right?)
While cleaning we came across the coloring books and crayons. Oh, there were soooo many crayons. There had to be thousands. Where did they come from, I wonder? All those crayons. I ended up giving the ones above to LM's old preschool. Come to find out they have alot, too. But I didn't take them back. The school will eventually go through them - quicker than we will. We still have a pencil box full plus a box of 64 (with the pencil sharpener in the back) plus the ones she keeps in her homework box.
Is there ever too much of a good thing? I think there was here. We love crayons for sure. But we don't need THAT many...


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