What ever happened to...

A. People being polite as they drive through parking lots ? I am constantly amazed that when you walk out of the store with a buggy full of purchases that parking lot drivers just keep on driving without the slightest urge to stop and let you pass. Heaven forbid they don't get that first spot in the lot and have to walk. Most of us can use the exercise we get from a further spot, right? (I bet the Wiggles would stop for me!)
B. Looking both ways before you cross the street or parking lot? On the other side of the coin are those who walk out in front of cars without looking. Usually the same guy who won't stop for you to walk by will be the one to walk out in front of a car with out looking. We get a lot of 'winter visitors' (retired folks) here in the winter and I swear they are the worst offenders (of both infractions). It's not 1922 people - there are a lot of drivers out there. I don't want to be driving through the Walmart parking lot when offender A meets offender B.

C. Collared shirts on men? We live in a very, very casual town. Think shorts in church - yep, happens ALL the time. More often than not. Christmas eve mass? My husband was the only man under the age of 60 wearing a suit. But, I digress, this isn't about what to wear in church (I can post about that later). Not only is it casual here but it's hot in the summer. I guess that combo means that men don't wear collared shirts anymore. Ever. I love to see little boys in collared shirts and it's so rare. And it means these little boys will grow up not wearing collared shirts as men. When I dropped LM off at religion class 2 little boys were coming in with the cutest plaid collared shirts. As it should be.

D. Quisp cereal? Anyone else remember this? I LOVED it. And my mom rarely bought it so that made me love it even more.


Tina Leigh said…
People have changed! MOst dont respect themselves much less anyone else. I see it in all walks of life. As a nurse...I see so much...people I even go to church with....arrgh...their true colors come out! I am no saint, mind you, but I am talking about morals, common courtesy, and simple respect...we have lost it! I agree with all you have posted here.

The cereal...yes I do believe I remember it. LOL
The Mrs. said…
I am soooo with you on parking lots!!

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