Taming the paper beast....

I spent most of today trying to clean my office.   I used to 'clean' it a lot.  You know, organize the desk, shred, file.  But with all the accumulation of scrapbook supplies and other seemingly necessary stuff it's not enough.  I wish it looked as good as this photo.  Sadly, this is not a one day project so I will plug on this week and see what I can accomplish.

I started with the closet which, thankfully, is very small.  We have shelving in there which helps but oh, the things I found.  Cell phone boxes from 2 cell phones ago (empty)?  Check. Cords to heaven knows what?  Check.  Steering wheel to old video game?  Check. Electric bill from 1987? Check.  You get the picture.  Like I said, the saving grace is that the closet is small.

I pulled everything out of the closet and am in the process of putting back only the things we need.  I hope it goes without saying that the electric bill was shredded.  There was a lot of shredding going on.  Cancelled checks from 1991, anyone?  Why does it seem like I had less paper when the bank actually sent back my checks each month?

My husband, who would 'reorganize' the room but throw out very little wondered why it was taking so long.  I let him know that I wanted to do it right this time.  Two trash bags later, I think I have a good start.

I'll be back with the results show soon....


I need to go through my files too...I've been avoiding it! Plus taxes...omg I just want to hand it all to the bookkeeper and let her figure it out!
Laurie Anne said…
My husband saves everything and it drives me crazy. Not only do we have a gazillion papers we also have the "mystery cord" thing going on as well. Every few months I seem to fill a box with random cords and tell him, find the item it goes to or I'm GWing it. Once we determine its partner I bust out the p-touch and smack a lable on that baby.
Can't wait for the office "after" shot. Hmmmm, might even tackle some office clean out myself :0)
Any time you want to come back to the east coast and clean my office---feel free too! I was just telling hubby last night that I needed a day to just clean my office and to do NOTHING else! Like that will ever happen!

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