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LM watering the community garden
I watched Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution' series when it was on last year and was really intrigued by the work he was doing trying to bring healthy, real food to schools and to our homes.  As parents we have really dropped the ball on nutrition, leading to alarming rates of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes.  We all have fabulous excuses for not paying attention to what we're feeding our children but the bottom line is it's our responsibility to make sure our children are taken care of and it doesn't look like we're cutting the mustard, nutrition wise.

When I joined Twitter almost a year ago I had no idea that I would stumble upon another group of parents who are passionate about healthy, real food.  It has opened up my eyes even more and I was recently given the opportunity to host a 'Food Revolution' (or #foodrevparty) Party on Twitter.  I was nervous because I felt like these other hosts had been doing this longer (I have no idea if that is true though) & I didn't want to botch anything.  I didn't get any hate mail so I think I did an okay job.    The topic of my party was 'eating from the Pantry & Pantry Basics.  You can see the article with party highlights here. I hope you get a chance to look at it.

There were some great ideas on eating from the pantry as well as pantry basics.  I'll share some of those tomorrow.  It's fun to interact with other parents and get cooking & recipe ideas. The Twitter Food Rev Party is on Tuesday nights.  The time varies a bit each week so search #foodrevparty on Twitter for more info.

You can sign Jamie's Food Revolution petition  here.  Jamie's Food Revolution campaign is about saving the health of our next generation. Kids need better food at school (check out his school lunch photo wall & see how your school compares and rate the lunches).  They need better food at home- we need to keep cooking skills alive for the sake of our kids. 

Have you cooked with your kids lately?


Katie said…
Good for you! We've found that our kids are much more likely to eat veggies we've grown ourselves. And they love gardening with us!
I love his show! Did you see the UK version? School lunches? The kids couldn't identify a single vegetable! Ugh! Dreadful!

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