Flat Tax...

Does doing your taxes = torture to you?

Every year about this time I think that 'flat tax' idea floating around out there would be a lovely idea.  This post is not meant to be a debate about our current tax system or any of the thousands of alternative ideas people have.  It's just a thought about how much easier it would be if we could send in a little note saying 'yes, we did make $XXXXX last year and yes, you did withhold $XXXX and yes, that is our portion.  thankyouverymuch.'

That way I could spend today decorating for Easter or making cards or reading 'Ali in Wonderland' instead of gathering everything I think I may need to take to the accountant in order for our taxes to be filed.

Now, I know what you're thinking 'you've had well over a month already to complete this task, why haven't you finished yet?'  I know you're thinking this because my husband asked me the same thing yesterday.  Just the nudge I needed to finish.

Hope your day is more exciting!


Ugh I dont even like to think about it. I let husband deal with all things math-related. I hand the bookkeeper a big folder and let her sort it all out!

I love your new header...tho just for your fyi, it's huge on a small screen....anyone with a netbook or an ipad will need to scroll across to take it all in.
Laurie Anne said…
I'm lucky that Joj takes care of all that stuff. I will say that as soon we get our W2's we file. Nothing like that return to light a little fire.

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