February 2012


February flew by.  Maybe because it's a short month.  Maybe because I am getting old.  Who knows.  It just flew by.

For me it was a month of organizing, purging, not spending.  Super fun stuff, right?  I realized I hardly blogged at all.  Again, was it the short month or am I just getting old?  Let's go with the short month.

I started off talking about my No Spend month.  I ended the month talking about the success of the no spend month.  Yep, earth shattering.

I loved my light bulb moment with index cards. Something that's been around for so long has helped transform my really busy, run-around type of days.  You should try it!

I shared what I think is a fabulous gift idea. It's easy, quick, fun, inexpensive, creative & something the kids can help with.  I loved it for Valentine's Day but Easter and Mother's Day will be here before you can say FTD so it would be a lovely idea for those holidays as well.

Not only are we enjoying our winter visitors showing off their driving skills right now, but spring breakers will be here this week so we'll have the older folks and the college kids packed in a Honda Civic to avoid on the road.  Truly, it's just better to stay home...

They say March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  So far, this has held true.  But I am looking forward to sharing my garage purge with you and showing you the grade I feel like I 'bought' for LM this month.

Stay tuned...


Laurie Anne said…
I also felt February fa-lew by and I will also be sticking with "it's a short month". Can't wait to see the garage. Mine is calling and if this rain ever stops I might be able to make some kind of a dent.

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