Blue Christmas...

The lights are twinkling on my master bedroom mantel this year.  I wanted this to be simple, serene, relaxing.  And blue.  I like to incorporate my year 'round decor into my Christmas decor when I can - saves on the need for extra storage space - even for just a few weeks it's sometimes hard to find room to store some of the bigger things.  Plus, it's fun to give the everyday a different look.

This bowl of shells gives the mantel a 'beachy' or coastal look which I love.  The blue vase on the right was a summer purchase this year.

Another view of the shells and vase.  The little white stocking on the right is metal.  It's one of my favorite Christmas pieces.

The little tree has the only pop of red on the mantel.  Shells lay around the tree like little gifts from the sea.  The greenery is faux but works nicely here.

I was thrilled I could use the blue candle stick (below) here.  The big frame is usually hanging in the center above the mantel.  The smaller frame usually holds a family picture but I popped it out of the frame to pair the two frames here.  I kind of like it!

I am linking my mantel up to Rhoda's Mantel party.  Lots of beautiful mantels over there!  Also linking up to Beth's mantel party where there is MORE loveliness!!


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