Bedroom Redo...

We recently got new bedding for LM's room.  We actually took her to Pottery Barn Teen while we were in St Louis.  Big mistake.  I'm warning you now, don't do it.  I should have gone by myself.  I would have saved a ton of money.  My husband went also and the two of them are like drunken sailors when they go shopping.  I will say that the sales staff was very helpful and we picked out some really nice things.

LM wanted her new bedding to be blues and whites.  No argument from me there.  The last time we 're-did' her room she wanted pink and brown as her 'colors'.  We painted the walls awhile back a tannish color called 'Pony Express' (by Olympic @ Lowe's).  I think that will still work with her new blue and white color scheme so there will be no painting in there.  For now.

You can see the pink lamp in the picture above.  Not sure if I can salvage that or not but to be honest it's not the greatest source of light, even though it's darn cute.

She has a duvet and a comforter.  You know, just in case it gets cold. :)  Actually, the store had a bed on display with a duvet and a comforter so 'we' decided we 'needed' it.  It is actually really cute.

As we're walking to the register my husband picked up this cute little pillow and asked if she liked it.  It is really adorable and it looks like I needlepointed it myself.

I switched out her brown faux silk panels with some sheer white ones I had in the dining room and it really lightened things up.

Here room has come a long way from this. We have a way to go - purging the things that don't work anymore.  Painting the things that we can.  Editing a few things so that we don't have a Junior hoarder on our hands.

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I love those pillows with the pompoms! cute!

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