2015 is already flying by.  What happened to the days when January was a slow month that eased you into the year?  I sure do miss that...

We are doing a No Spend February again and as you may imagine the family is THRILLED!  You'd think they would be used to it by now.  To us, No Spend February means no unnecessary spending.

  • No new clothes
  • No new home decor ( the folks at Hobby Lobby will miss me)
  • No eating out
  • No new hockey stuff
  • No movies
  • No unnecessary grocery purchases (Oreos anyone?)
It's not as dismal as it all sounds because, truth be told, we need NOTHING (with the exception of basic food and drink).  And we all get an 'allowance' (budgeted) each week which can be spent as one wishes.  And my daughter has gift cards from Christmas and her birthday which she can use.  

We have a hockey tournament out of town this month and that always bothers me because there is definitely some spending that needs to be done even though I bring snacks and a cooler with us. We will eat out on Friday night & will probably buy lunch at the rink during the tournament.  Of course, this is all budgeted for so I still feel like we save a good bit not spending the rest of the month. And our hotel is paid for with Marriott Rewards points which makes me very happy. :)

Anyone else do a 'no spend' month?


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